Cloud Expo Asia

11 - 12 October 2017

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I’ve been working in the technology industry for 25 years and I think it’s absolutely crucial for technology guys to absorb new knowledge and understand the current trends – that’s why I have attended this show for three years and some of my colleagues come too! The Women in Tech panel impressed me the most and I’m so glad that I didn’t miss that fantastic discussion!
Asha Hemrajani, ICANN, Member of Board of Directors

I am from Hong Kong, and it’s my second day visiting the events. I really like the balance of topics with both the cloud computing side and the infrastructure side. For the conference sessions, there are so many topics to choose from with such variety.
Alex Lay, Manager, Olympus, Information Systems

The events are impressive. There are so many different suppliers under one roof! It's beneficial to me as I'm able to keep up with all the latest technologies and market trends and have the opportunity to discover more vendors in the market. 
Amit Sharma, Citibank, Infrastructure Solutions Architect

The show is very good and well-organised. There’s a good line-up of speakers at the conference. Everything I need to know is all conveniently located in one location.
Karunesh Prasad, Change Et Al, Chief Executive Officer

The events are very informative, interesting and very well-organised. I’ve gained lots of technical information on data centres.
Tan Yat Seng, Singapore Institute of Technology, Senior Manager

The show is excellent and there are so many products and technologies to explore and learn about. There are so many vendors that we had to rush against time to see them all.
Vrijesh Pandey, Vodafone Global Enterprise​​​​​​​, Head of Solution Architecture Strategic Accounts

This was my first Cloud Expo attendance, and it had enabled me to have a more focussed approach in understanding the Cloud Options out there and also more cloud centric discussions with the various subject matter experts from various providers. Look forward to the event next year!
Cliff Neo, Fugro​​​​​​​, Regional IT Manager (APAC)

The major benefit I found in attending Cloud Expo 2016 was discovering the vast amount of people with such a high interest in Cloud computing, all under one roof. Additionally, with such a high turnout by vendors, all with a plethora of solutions and options was really exciting and hugely encouraging.
William Haggarty, Bank of America Merrill Lynch​​​​​​​, Vice President

I attended Cloud Expo Asia, one of the largest IT gatherings for senior IT professionals in Asia in the last couple years. And I truly enjoyed learning more about Cloud Security and Smart IoT Singapore this year. One of the biggest things I learned this year was related to Smart IoT, which my company is currently starting to deploy. It was a very rewarding event and I look forward to joining the coming years’ Cloud Expo!
Andy Ng, DHL Supply Chain Singapore, Head of Service Delivery

“It’s my first time joining Cloud Expo Asia and Data Centre World and I see many potential here. I have seen many good names so far and indeed consider in exhibiting in future.”
Frank Courtney-Jay, Final Code​​​​​​​, CEO

It’s my second year visiting the shows. I am from the end-user side and it’s good to absorb the new technology knowledge that I want. It’s also great to network with my peers here. I and my colleagues will continue to support the shows next year.
Guan Peng Tan, PSA Corporation​​​​​​​, IT Manager

“As one of the largest technology even in the region, it’s brilliant for us to see many latest tech and we’ve met so many potential business partners here! Definitely will come back!”
Nagu, SSS Infotech Pte Ltd​​​​​​​, Managing Director

“There are something really out of my expectation - I have never heard of certain new technology stuff! It’s a great platform to get the latest industry news. Many of my colleagues & peers have come as well!”
Paul Lim, Great Eastern Life​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, VP

I found the show very interesting with great speakers. The show’s good for understanding new and emerging technologies and applications. It’s also useful for the smaller companies to get their message out there and have their voices heard.
James McCartney, Telstra (Global Enterprise & Services)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, Head of Data Centre

I met with lots of companies and discovered many exciting technology. It is amazing to visit Cloud Expo Asia, Singapore again.
Sushil Praveen Sukanaran - Thomson Reuters Asia Pte Ltd

I come here mainly for the cloud security. I can learn new technology and network with my peers here. I’ll come again next year!
Manoj Salunkhe, Graymatics, Associate Director

It’s been a busy event with so much going on. There has been a really good mix of technology from excellent companies at this show.
Ramkumar Kootala Hari, Thomson Reuters Asia Pte Ltd

I found the show very interesting with great speakers. The show’s good for understanding new and emerging technologies and applications. It’s also useful for the smaller companies to get their message out there and have their voices heard.
James McCartney, Telstra (Global Enterprise & Services)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, Head of Data Centre

The event is great and has been extremely fruitful for me, with a wide-range of products and data centre solutions. There is such an energy on the exhibition floor and the information provided is always helpful and informative. I will definitely be attending again next year!
Victor Lim, Nicam TV​​​​​​​, CTO and Owner

It’s such a fantastic opportunity to network and meet with relevant contemporaries. I always want to learn more about the cloud industry, as well as security and big data analytics which are hot topics at the moment – and Cloud Expo Asia delivers it all. I would like to congratulate the organisers for such a successful event.
Andrew Roque, Primestaff​​​​​​, Senior Consultant

I thoroughly enjoyed my involvement in the CIO Keynote Theatre panel. The audience were very engaged and knowledgeable on the topic and directed interesting debate questions to the speakers. It is important that events like these showcase the potential of the cloud – the technology can bring far more than simply a storage and compute solution.
Bert-Jan van Essen, Dragon Wealth (CEA speaker), Founder and CEO

This is my first year at Cloud Expo Asia, and I am happy to have discovered it. It’s been very useful to network and also see what new products are available – it has really opened my mind to some innovative technologies. The conference is informative and provides good pointers on best practice – I’ll be back next year.
Kevin Nair, Servecomp​​​​​​​, CEO and Founder

The exhibition is very good for networking and understanding what’s going on in the Asian region. We are based in Perth but have a close interest in the South Asian market and Singapore particularly. I am glad that we attended and invested money in travelling here, we would certainly come back again.
Pat Cleary, Datacenter Limited, General Manager

This is a big show but where size often plays to the disadvantage of many events, this is extremely well organised. I particularly like that there’s a crossover for those professionals interested in both the cloud and data centre markets.
B Ramakrishnan, Smiths Power​​​​​​​, Senior Account Manager,

This is my third time at the show. The conference offering is good but you do not see enough about where our industry is going. It’s a big show and the audience is very open to discuss. There’s a great network of big brands here too, as well as smaller startups, both local and international – it’s a nice mix. It still feels very Singaporean, rather than a true South Asian event.
Bernard Lecanu, BI International Consultant​​​​​​​, Managing Director

This is my first time here. I came to network and to find out more about new cloud solutions and industry trends. I managed to speak with some of the very good speakers around some specific topics. I’ve achieved all my objectives and I’d definitely come again.
Celine Yong, GovInsider​​​​​​​, Partnership Manager

I wanted to attend to look for cloud storage solutions for our data centre. The quality of the exhibitors is very good and I’ve collected plenty of useful information.
Desmond Teo, Innovix Distribution​​​​​​​, Product Manager

The show has been useful to identify the current trends and to source products. The organisers have done a great job. I’ll be back next year and I’ll bring my team.
David Kuan, NTT, Data Centre Services Manager

I have seen a lot of relevant applications and interesting demos. We have enjoyed the events and have even sourced a disaster recovery solution.
Hanato Bhangkit Wicaksono, Stone Apple (Hitachi), Service Architect




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