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Track: Digital Infrastructure: Fast, Agile, Resilient, Sustainable

We've seen how COVID-19 has expedited digital adoption and, with it, a sharp increase in demand for digital infrastructure that support technologies and overall business functions. With operational resilience and continuity established as being imperative, critical infrastructure are expected to be more fast, agile, resilient, and sustainable. Level up your IT infrastructure and hear from industry experts on how to future-proof and pandemic-proof your business.

Track: AI in Cloud Computing

Implementing and complementing AI into your cloud strategy promises a journey of unlocking business potential and operating at greater agility and efficiency. Cost savings and enhanced data management are just some of the added bonuses that come with investing in the right technology and digital transformation roadmap. While the benefits are abundant, the obstacles in execution are as detrimental. Integration challenges, data privacy and concerns around connectivity can be major setbacks to your strategy. Hear from our experts on how you can successfully revolutionise your cloud computing solutions with AI and discover new paths of development.

Track: Hybrid Cloud Strategy

The uptake of cloud services, especially those that were added to support a sudden transition to remote work during the pandemic, has forced organisations to relook at their digital transformation and cloud strategies. Hybrid cloud has become the go-to model for enterprise IT because of how it affords greater agility, flexibility, and scalability. How are you taking control of your cloud strategy and architecture to stay competitive? Fuel and optimise the next stage of your organisation's growth by enhancing the strategic vision of your hybrid cloud strategy today.

Track: Imagine the Future (Metaverse)

The major buzzword going into the 2020s is definitely the Metaverse. As much of the world has been onboard for a digital-first approach, this outlook is slowly evolving into the creation of an entire digital or virtual world. AR, VR, cryptocurrency and NFTs are just some of the keywords linked to this idealistic concept of an interconnected and interoperable world. To support this concept of a 3D digital world, technologies like blockchain, AI, Machine Learning and Internet of Things (IoT) are needed, and these are inseparable from big data and cloud computing. Don't get left behind - prepare for and build the future of the internet with key perspectives from industry leaders.

Track: The Rise of Serverless: IT-as-a-Service

Shifting workforce models and major disruptions to the world's economy has highlighted the value of IT flexibility in determining an organisation's resiliency and sustainability. Moving workloads away from traditional environments to the cloud has proven to be more cost effective and gives IT teams the freedom to choose solutions that fit best with the unique business requirements of their organisation. Transform your operational structure with fresh industry perspectives and bolster your digital journey.    

Track: Work Productivity

Technology for business transformation can empower your organisation, people and customers in amazing ways. Establishing a productive, secure, digital cloud workplace can help optimise performance and drive efficiencies that give businesses their competitive edge. Keeping your employees and customers engaged with a well-integrated IT system is not an easy task but the business value to be attained is to be strongly desired. Encounter novel ways of transforming work productivity to achieve sustained competitiveness and increased customer & employee experience.

Track: Sustainability

Sustainable IT is a booming concept in the face of worrisome climate change issues. Going green is now a decision that organisations must make based on the ethics and responsibility of running their business. There is also a strong economic case for scaling back on wasteful practices as this all ties back to a business cost and so it will be more beneficial to organisations to enact energy-efficient and environmentally friendly policies. Developments in smart technologies and green innovation also generates a lot of market excitement and you would not want to miss out on a slice of the pie. Join the conversation and be a force for good as we navigate the opportunities and challenges of sustainable IT.

Track: Data Management

The ongoing digital evolution means that enterprises are responsible for managing more data than ever before. Extracting value from data across clouds and on-premises environments is a formidable challenge and requires a holistic approach to data management. The quest to improve the way data is collected, organised, and analysed is an evolving one. Realise untapped business potential with data by transforming your data management strategy!


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