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#CrackTheCode DevOps Transformation Series

As part of DevOps Live’s mission to continuously deliver insightful, relevant, and timely content to the APAC DevOps community, we are excited to announce the launch of our #CrackTheCode DevOps Transformation Series in partnership with GitLab!

Join us every Thursday as we invite DevOps industry leaders across APAC to answer your most pressing questions on DevOps and offer practical advice on how to overcome the key challenges in implementing DevOps in today’s landscape.


Navigating the Intersection of DevOps and Security with DevSecOps

In today’s environment of rapid development cycles and quick releases, security cannot be an afterthought; rather, it must be an integral part of every step of the DevOps process.

But finding the delicate balance between speed and security can be challenging & achieving true security/development integration is easier said than done

Effective DevOps security requires more than just new tools—it also builds on the cultural changes of DevOps to integrate the work of security teams, and adopts practices that unite application development, IT operations, QA testing, and security teams under a common DevSecOps rubric.

- Anthony McMahon, Regional Director, Asia Pacific & Japan, GitLab
- Ion Mudreac, Director, DevOps & Cloud Deployment, SingTel
- Andrew Mulligan, Head of DevOps, Open Banking, Microservices and Agile, United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB)


Moderated by:
- Helen Beal, DevOps and Ways of Working coach, Chief Ambassador, DevOps Institute

#CrackTheCode Series    

Nurturing a Silo-less DevOps Culture in Financial Services

10 March 2021 00:00:00

Discussion Points:
  • Introduction to National Australia Bank's Technology and DevOps team
  • What is your experience in starting transformation in a traditional bank?
  • Pitfalls encountered in the transformation journey?
  • How do you address silos?
  • What are specific FSI challenges?

Brendan O’Leary, Senior Developer Evangelist, GitLab

Brendan O'Leary is a Senior Developer Evangelist at GitLab, the first single application for the DevSecOps lifecycle as well as a governing board member at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and advisor to various startups.

He has a passion for software development and iterating on processes just as quickly as we iterate on code. Working with customers to deliver value is what drives Brendan's passion for DevOps and smooth CI/CD implementation. Brendan has worked with a wide range of customers - from the nation's top healthcare institutions to environmental services companies to the Department of Defense.

Outside of work, you'll find Brendan with 1 to 4 kids hanging off of him at any given time or occasionally finding a moment alone to build something in his workshop.

Yuri Belenky, Head of Technology, App & Cloud Platform, NAB Engineering Foundation

Yuri is a Head of Technology at National Australia Bank. In his role Yuri is responsible for NAB Engineering Foundation (NEF), an internal DevOps platform which allows application teams to bootstrap development in NAB context.

Yuri has more than 20 years of experience in Technology at HSBC, Microsoft Consulting Service and Microsoft R&D, having worked in Copenhagen, London and now Melbourne. His area of expertise includes software development, solution architecture, cloud technology and team leadership.

Insights into GO-JEK's DevOps Transformation Journey

10 September 2020 00:00:00

Discussion points: 

  • Introduction - overview of the DevOps transformation journey?
  • Identifying DevOps challenges & gap analysis across the engineering organization?
  • What DevOps goals did you set, and what were the metrics used to measure success?
  • Main considerations for architecture design & the choosing the right tools?
  • How do you ensure that the DevOps culture is constantly adapting to evolving needs moving forward?


Speaker: Niranjan Paranjape, SVP, Engineering Platform, Gojek
Host: Adrian Smolski, Manager, Customer Experience, APJ, GitLab

Niranjan Paranjape, SVP, Engineering Platform, Gojek

Niranjan is the Chief Technology Officer and Director at GO-JEK. With 11 years of experience as a programmer, consultant and entrepreneur, he started his career at Infosys, before moving to ThoughtWorks where he consulted for Fortune 500 clients. He then went on to co-found C42 Engineering, a boutique software engineering consulting firm. As CTO of C42 Engineering, Niranjan was responsible for building a high-performance engineering culture focused on passion for new technologies, code quality and daily customer engagement. Niranjan has worked with a wide range of clients architecting and coding solutions across the entire stack from front end to infrastructure. From a mechanical engineer with aspirations to build and ride beautiful motorcycles to a developer with a passion for beautiful code, Niranjan enjoys his days off riding his Triumph Thruxton R exploring his love for bikes and racing.

Adrian Smolski, Manager, Customer Experience, APJ, GitLab

Adrian has been working in several IT roles in-house, consulting and product vendors over the last 16+ years across Australia and Asia. His developer background started in Analytical Programming roles in the pharmaceutical industry and moving into various different Enterprises during his consulting career. He is experienced in working with customers on cutting-edge technologies such as containired solutions, machine learning and distributed database solutions as well as collaborations and DevOps based platforms. He enjoys working with diverse teams and building out high-performing technical teams to ensure customers success. In his spare time he likes hands-on home improvements projects and working on his other passion - cars.

Transitioning from DevOps to SRE

27 August 2020 00:00:00

Discussion points: 

  • Are DevOps & SRE two sides of the same coin? What are the main differences?
  • A roadmap for organizations transitioning from DevOps to SRE? 
  • What role does technology play in moving towards an SRE model?
  • Common challenges & considerations for engineering organizations when adopting SRE?

Speaker: Xavier Murias, Head, DevOps & SRE, Prudential
Host: Brian Glanz, Product Marketing, GitLab

Xavier Murias, Head, DevOps & SRE, Prudential

Nearly 20 years in the IT field providing support and services for a multiple types of industries and technologies, expert in Unix, Security, Networking, Containerisation, Automation, SRE and DevOps among other disciplines. Leading innovation and transformation in charge of Site Reliability and DevOps team as Principal Engineer and SRE&DevOps Lead in Prudential Singapore. A true passionate for the automation, software engineering, security, tuning-performance and telemetry.. that often spends time coding IOT devices or building the next-get of architecture prototypes.

Brian Glanz, Product Marketing, GitLab

Brian Glanz is a longtime open source contributor and leader in the open science community. As a software developer, he endured the early years before Git, Agile,  and DevOps, then happily joined those revolutions while consulting for clients in science, technology, media, and government.

Accelerating and Safeguarding your DevOps Transformation Journey with DevSecOps

20 August 2020 00:00:00

Discussion points:

  • A roadmap to initiating the DevSecOps cultural shift in an organization?
  • What are the biggest challenges that come with the integration of development, operations, and security teams?
  • The importance of testing automation tools in the DevSecOps journey?
  • Best DevSecOps practices implemented at leading banks – examples?
  • How does Continuous Compliance and Monitoring helps to improve your DevSecOps Maturity consistently ?


Speaker: Nachu Subramanian, Head of DevOps Center of Execellence, OCBC Bank
Host: Saumya Upadhyaya is a Senior Product Marketing Manager, GitLab

Nachu Subramanian, Head of DevOps Center of Execellence, OCBC Bank

Nachu is the Head of DevOps Engineering Center of Excellence for OCBC Bank. In this role, he is responsible for implementing the multi-year business turnaround strategy, designing and implementing the DevOps Engineering target operating model and driving the cloud adoption and digital transformation. Since joining OCBC, Nachu has been implementing the Cloud and DevOps strategy for OCBC Group (including subsidiaries) in ASEAN/APAC. He worked across 3 continents (10+ countries) and successfully delivered many mission critical projects worth up to 650 Million USD and created/managed teams of size 120+ people in different geographical locations.

Nachu has excelled in various key roles such as Head of DevSecOps, Cloud/DevOps Solution architect, Head of Infrastructure, Digital Transformation Program Manager, etc. both as a consultant of leading consulting firms and in direct roles of world’s top financial institutions. He has extensive hands-on experience in driving the adoption of cutting-edge tools and advanced technical solutions across multiple domains.

Prior to joining OCBC, Nachu was instrumental in formation and operation of DevOps Engineering team of United Overseas Bank where he was the First Vice President for DevOps Engineerng team and Testing Center of Excellence from 2016 to 2019. Nachu spearheaded and implemented many new initiatives like Test Driven Development, Behaviour Driven Development, Continuous Compliance, Chaos Engineering and FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) Tools management. Also, he has lead the Agile Wow (Ways of Working) model transformation and Agile product releases, coached and mentored Credit Suisse APAC teams for their first ever Agile Transformation program for Digital Private Banking from 2014 to 2016. Also, he has worked on various mission critical projects of Oracle Corporation (US & India), ING Bank, World Bank, Accenture, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Honeywell. Comcast, Temasek group, Fuji Xerox, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Perodua Automobiles, Parkway Healthcare, Keppel Shipping Corporation, IPsoft, Martin Lotteries, etc.

Nachu has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Engineering from Pondicherry University, India and a Diploma in Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence from London School of Business and Finance. He has received various awards like “Ray of Hope” by Credit Suisse for successfully delivery multi-million dollar project Digital Private Banking, he was also recognized as “People Champion” by Accenture, “Star of the year” by Oracle Corporation and various Technology Awards by Honeywell and other companies. He was ranked in top 100 Cloud Experts in AWS Trivia Challenge Expert Competition. He loves to explore/play with Al and ML algorithms to predict stock market index and tries to solve various other real world data science problems during his free time. He is also a mentor for 200+DevOps and Cloud engineersin a meetup group and has been coaching them on various emerging technologies

Saumya Upadhyaya is a Senior Product Marketing Manager, GitLab

Saumya Upadhyaya is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at GitLab, a complete DevOps platform, delivered as a single application, fundamentally changing the way Development, Security, and Ops teams collaborate. In this role, Saumya is responsible for developing best practices for end-to-end DevOps, in particular, operational efficiencies within major enterprises.

Saumya possesses a strong background in product management, marketing, and consulting experience within the high-tech and telecommunication industry. Prior to GitLab, Saumya worked in multiple roles covering DevOps pipeline automation and application performance monitoring at VMware and Micro Focus (previously part of Hewlett Packard Software).


Incident Management & Blameless Post-mortems

13 August 2020 00:00:00

Discussion points: 

  • What is the true value of effective blameless post-mortem culture? Are truly blameless post-mortems even possible?
  • Best practices and a roadmap for implementing an open & blameless culture.
  • Blameless versus blame-aware post-mortem culture?
  • How Grab’s engineering organization responds to incidents & focuses on growth/future improvement?


Speaker: Jessica Fink, Senior Service Assurance Manager, Grab
Host: Ramiz Khalid, DevOps Live

Jessica Fink, Senior Service Assurance Manager, Grab

I’m Senior Service Assurance Manager at Grab and responsible to drive our Operational Excellence and SRE skill charters across Grab's Engineering teams. I joined Grab in September 2019 with a 10-year background in quality-managing customer support teams, designing ticketing and incident tools, and defining operational readiness processes in large organisations in Germany and the UK. I am excited to help the Grab teams manage outages and incident analysis at scale and define a valuable incident management strategy. 

I am also overseeing our internal SRE skill training framework where we empower engineers to become true owners of their service infrastructure. We value continuous learning and an open feedback culture for our engineers and as such adopted the blameless postmortem culture for our incident reviews. Chairing our weekly company-wide postmortem review meetings allows me to better understand challenges and concerns from our engineers, which we turn around to continuously improve their processes and daily tasks.

Prior to Grab, I was responsible for the production performance and support processes of Vodafone Group’s innovative Consumer IOT product suites, driving their vendor quality reviews and connecting support teams to best troubleshoot and recover customer issues and incidents. 

Cloud-native Applications: The Future of Software Development

06 August 2020 00:00:00

Discussion points: 

  • Why switch to cloud-native?
  • What are some common challenges companies face when making the shift?
  • How to manage cloud-native applications through Agile DevOps processes?
  • How to scale cloud infrastructure using technologies like microservices, Kubernetes, and containers.
  • How to embed and automate security inside cloud-native DevOps workflows?

Speaker: Ion Mudreac, Director, DevOps & Cloud Deployment, SingTel
Host: Adrian Smolski, Manager, Customer Experience, APJ, GitLab

Ion Mudreac, Director, DevOps & Cloud Deployment, SingTel

Ion has 20+ years of IT experience. He previously worked in Japan starting his startup and later joining Merrill Lynch. He was eventually moved to Merrill Lynch Singapore to lead Asia Pac Wealth Management IT team. Later on, he joined Commerzbank and held various team lead roles for eFX Connectivity and FX Option global team.  In 2016 he joined SCB building new digital bank in Hong Kong and leading SRE and Data Engineering team.

He recently joined Singtel; as Director of Cloud DevOps SRE  he is looking after Cloud Platform and DevOps for Singtel Enterprise he spends most of his time in bringing new technologies that provide support for existing users and facilitate lean growth for future business development.
He is a veteran of agile and lean development “Scrum, XP, and Kanban,” DevOps “CI/CD.”

Ion is RedHat, Scrum Master, Amazon AWS solution architect certified and 3 professional certifications from Google Cloud. He holds Master Degrees in Project Management and Efficiency of Investment and Ph.D. in IT Management.

Adrian Smolski, Manager, Customer Experience, APJ, GitLab

Adrian has been working in several IT roles in-house, consulting and product vendors over the last 16+ years across Australia and Asia. His developer background started in Analytical Programming roles in the pharmaceutical industry and moving into various different Enterprises during his consulting career. He is experienced in working with customers on cutting-edge technologies such as containired solutions, machine learning and distributed database solutions as well as collaborations and DevOps based platforms. He enjoys working with diverse teams and building out high-performing technical teams to ensure customers success. In his spare time he likes hands-on home improvements projects and working on his other passion - cars.

Effectively Addressing the DevOps Gender Gap

30 July 2020 00:00:00

Discussion points: 

  • Where does the gender gap in IT/DevOps stem from?
  • What steps can the C-suite take to further accelerate the integration of women across the organization?
  • How to approach IT/DevOps recruiting to build diverse, inclusive, & high-performing teams?
  • What are GitLab’s best practices for recruiting and promoting diversity & inclusion across global teams?
  • What advice would you give to women & minorities working in DevOps/IT roles?


Presented by: Lauren Langdell, Founder, Women in DevOps
Host: Candace Byrdsong Williams, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Manager, GitLab

 Lauren Langdell, Founder, Women in DevOps

Lauren is originally from the South Coast of England and started her recruitment career in London before relocating to Los Angeles in March 20202. Lauren is the Founder of Women in DevOps, a global platform that empowers and inspires diversity in technology and USA Director at Trust in Soda, a multiple award-winning digital recruitment agency based in Manhattan Beach, California.

She has been recruiting in the DevOps space since 2014. With over 6 years of recruitment experience hiring devOps and SRE engineers and managers for the globes best brands and most innovative starts ups I’m now focused on the USA market in particular California and Laucnhed Women in DevOps in 2017 which started out as a small tech meetup for like-minded female engineers. It has since grown into an offline and online into community of 4000 individuals who are all passionate about I inspiring and empowering women in DevOps globally. It has held panel discussions, meetups and events in London, Dublin and Los Angeles proudly partnering with the likes of Google, Facebook, Headspace, FandangoNOW and Expedia.

Candace Byrdsong Williams, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Manager, GitLab

Candace Byrdsong Williams is the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Manager at GitLab. She is responsible for building and leading GitLab’s global Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging efforts and creating an environment where all employees feel they belong and can show up as their full selves.

Previously, Candace served as the Diversity + Inclusion Communities Manager at Red Hat, where she oversaw the broad Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and strategy for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and external D+I relationships/partnerships.

Prior to joining Red Hat, Candace worked at Cisco i n Inclusion & Collaboration managing I&C Market Acceleration, Affinity Groups and Networks, I&C Strategic Partnerships, I&C Programs, etc.

Prior to Red Hat, Candace began her career i n Diversity and Inclusion for Nationwide insurance where she stood up their strategy and program for D&I.

Candace has over 10 years of Diversity and Inclusion experience and earned her BA i n 1996 from North Carolina A&T State University

Starting the DevOps Journey: The Secret to Infusing a Winning DevOps Culture in your Organization

23 July 2020 00:00:00

Discussion points:

  • What is the best way to initiate DevOps transformation in a traditional enterprise?
  • How should an organization restructure itself for DevOps success?
  • What types of metrics should be used to get more buy-in from stake holders?

Presented by: Mahantesh Patil, Chief Digital & Agile Transformation Officer, Allianz
Host: Ramiz Khalid, DevOps Live


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