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It was in 2005 that MONITORAPP was established, and this 19th of May, 2023, MONITORAPP finally got listed in KOSDAQ! With the goal of becoming a leading a global security solutions company, our journey in the past 18 years was full of ups and downs, but thankfully, with today’s milestone, we have now joined the bandwagon of renowned companies listed in KOSDAQ. We awe this to the dedication and passion of MONITORAPP’s employees and our stakeholders. Without their efforts, we would not be able to achieve this another milestone.

During the recent initial public offering (IPO), we recorded a competition ratio of 1785:1, marking the highest ratio of the year. As a result, we have accumulated subscription deposits surpassing 4 trillion won, giving us the chills that people have high expectation and expects high responsibility towards MONITORAPP. To equal the trust given by the public, we will strive our very best to grow and move forward for the betterment of everyone.



On the morning of May 19th, MONITORAPP management, employees and other stakeholders have gathered at the Korea Exchange in Yeouido to celebrate the company’s listing. A commemorative event was held the mark the milestone of MONITORAPP’s stocks being traded for the first time in KOSDAQ exchange.

For the listing ceremony, the employees were dressed according to the dress code and gathered at the Korea Exchange. The dress code emphasized the BULL market sentiment, with men wearing red neckties and women wearing red scarves that symbolize strong determination. Their attendance at the listing ceremony with these vibrant accents made a powerful impression to everyone.

The listing ceremony began with a round of applause from the esteemed guests, including the MONITORAPP’s CEO, Mr. Lee Kwang Hoo, as well as the sponsoring company, Mirae Asset Securities, KOSDAQ Association, Korea IR Association, and prominent figures from the Korea Exchange. The resounding applause seemed to carry the sound of hope for MONITORAPP, delivering an atmosphere filled with anticipation and support.

The official listing ceremony commenced with the viewing of promotional videos showcasing MONITORAPP and the KOSDAQ market. Following that, there were significant events such as the signing of the listing agreement, the presentation of the listing plaque, congratulatory plaques, membership plaques, and the listing commemorative plaque. These activities symbolized MONITORAPP’s official position as a listed company on the KOSDAQ exchange market.

Indeed, the listing commemorative plaque has an interesting design. It depicts a BULL overpowering a BEAR. The listing commemorative plaque carries a deep meaning, symbolizing the perseverance of the Bullish market trend, represented by the bull market, to break through and maintain its strength against the bearish market, which signifies a declining trend. It's fascinating to see such meaningful symbolism even in small details.

Next, a ceremonial hitting of GONG event took place. In preparation for the hitting of GONG, Vice Chairman Hong Soon Wook of KOSDAQ presented a red jacket to MONITORAPP’s CEO Lee Kwang Hoo. MONITORAPP’s CEO Lee Kwang Hoo personally struck the ceremonial gong three times, signifying the listing milestone.

The first hitting of Gong represented gratitude towards the hard work of MONITORAPP’s employees. The second strike expressed joy for being listed on the KOSDAQ Exchange market. Lastly, the third strike symbolized the prosperity of MONITORAPP and the growth of the capital market.

The next highlight of the listing ceremony is the trading commencement and price confirmation. Following a countdown, MONITORAPP’s CEO Lee Kwang Hoo pressed the trading bell, officially establishing MONITORAPP’s listing on the KOSDAQ market at the offer trading price of 9,800 won. This moment was met with a great cheer and applause.

Lastly, MONITORAPP’s CEO Lee Kwang Hoo shared his remarks. He expressed gratitude to the MONITORAPP’s employees, as well as the relevant individuals who had put in multifaceted efforts leading up to the listing today. He emphasized the importance of shareholder value and stated his commitment to being a responsible member of society. He concluded by expressing his determination to do his best in achieving these goals.


ULTIMATE GOAL of becoming WORLD’s Leading Secure and Fast Delivery Solution Provider

Since its establishment, MONITORAPP has been recognized as a leading player in the security solutions industry for the past 18 years. Moving forward, we at MONITORAPP commits towards achieving our vision of becoming the world's top Secure & Fast Application Delivery Solution Provider. The listing today on KOSDAQ marks our first step towards achieving this vision. We at MONITORAPP are very grateful for all your support and encouragement for MONITORAPP’s future endeavors. Thank you.



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