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23 Jun 2023

Noction releases IRP v4.2 featuring advanced BGP FlowSpec Geo-blocking Capabilities

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Noction releases IRP v4.2 featuring advanced BGP FlowSpec Geo-blocking Capabilities
IRP v4.2

Noction Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP) v4.2 has just been released. This update introduces an array of exciting new features and enhancements, including the advanced BGP FlowSpec geo-blocking capability. With IRP v4.2, network administrators now possess powerful tools to elevate network security and maximize performance like never before.

In response to the evolving landscape of network security threats, Noction has incorporated a comprehensive geo-blocking capability into its platform. Policies by Country empower network administrators with the ability to manipulate routing decisions and restrict internet traffic by defining packet filtering rules based on geographic regions, with a particular focus on countries. With added flexibility, administrators can also specify parameters such as protocols, port numbers, and destination prefixes for a more granular approach. Additionally, specific prefixes or ASNs can be exempted from the configured rules, ensuring that traffic associated with those entries remains unaffected. The platform provides lists of prefixes and ASNs associated with each specific country, enabling informed routing decisions.

By leveraging the Policies by Country feature, organizations can mitigate potential risks associated with specific regions or countries, safeguarding their networks against malicious activities and unauthorized access.

"Network operators require efficient tools to exert control over the internet traffic and enhance network security," said John Strong, CEO of Noction. "With the addition of advanced geo-blocking capabilities to IRP, our customers can effortlessly apply country-based policies to routing decisions. This feature not only enables compliance with regulations but also safeguards network resources and improves overall network performance."

The new IRP version brings a host of other powerful features and improvements that enhance network performance, and efficiency, including:

  • Support for RFC8955: Noction IRP now supports RFC8955, enabling the dissemination of Flow Specification Rules. This enhancement allows network administrators to efficiently distribute and enforce complex traffic filtering rules across their network infrastructure.
  • Streamlined Distribution of Geolocation Data: Noction IRP has revamped its mechanism for distributing geolocation data. Fresh and up-to-date data can now be directly downloaded from Noction servers, ensuring accurate geolocation information for precise and effective geo-blocking measures.
  • Improved Reporting and Analysis: Noction IRP's reporting capabilities have been augmented with enhanced graphs and metrics. The "Total Bandwidth Usage" and "Total & Improved Traffic" graphs now incorporate more detailed metrics, providing deeper insights into network performance. The Inbound Traffic Distribution report now offers a history of up to one year, enabling a broader timeframe for analysis and trend identification.

For more information on the complete set of features and improvements available with IRP 4.2, please contact Noction account representatives at sales@noction.com or review product documentation.

About Noction

Noction is an independent industry-leading technology company with the main area of expertise in network traffic analysis and automated BGP network optimization, enabling enterprises to take full advantage of the maximum network performance for business-critical applications such as e-commerce, VoIP, and media streaming across IP networks. For more information, visit https://www.noction.com/.



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