VIP Luncheons 2023

Get your exclusive ticket now for the ultimate opportunity to come together with like-minded, top tier IT Leaders.  

These VIP Lunches are fueled by the Tech giants of the world and will be hosted on 11th October or 12th October 2023. Your afternoon will be served with a stellar 3 course meal, light refreshments and top-of-the-line discussions.

The VIP Luncheon confirmations are extended after a selection process if the registrant fits the VIP requirements and seats are provided on a first booking basis.

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Who Should Attend?

If you are responsible for designing, building or managing your organisation's technology architecture you’ll find a vast array of cloud-based solutions and services alongside first-class content and expert advice.

  • C-Suite (CIOs, CDOs, CTOs, CISOs)

  • Heads of Analytics, Technology, DevOps, DevSecOps, Principal Architects, Digital Transformation

  • IT Directors


Presented by Akamai: Akamai Connected Cloud – Scale Your Business to the Edge

11th October

Akamai powers and protects life online. Leading companies worldwide choose Akamai to build, deliver, and secure their digital experiences — helping billions of people live, work, and play every day. Akamai Connected Cloud, a massively distributed edge and cloud platform, puts apps and experiences closer to users and keeps threats farther away. Learn more about Akamai’s cloud computing, security, and content delivery solutions at akamai.com and akamai.com/blog, or follow Akamai Technologies on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Matthew Lynn
Senior Regional Director
Akamai Cloud Computing Services


Matthew is a tech veteran with over 20 years of experience in the industry, with a focus on cloud computing, security, application development, and infrastructure at organisations including Hewlett Packard and Sun Microsystems. He is passionate about helping enterprises identify and realize the value of technology in order to deliver tangible outcomes to their business and customers.

Presented by HCL Software: Journey towards digitalization and cloud transformation - how to elevate security and customer experience

12th October

Leveraging next-Gen solutions to augment your organisational core objectives, focus on tool consolidation, prioritization of vulnerabilities and IT compliance.

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Saranga Rajan
AVP - Enterprise security & Head of APAC


Saranga has 23 years of rich experience in the IT consulting services and is currently the Associate Vice President for HCL BigFix software and the Head of BFSI for Enterprise Security at HCL Software in Asia Pacific Region based out of Singapore.  He spent 13+ years with IBM across multiple cybersecurity roles in Asia Pacific.  He has extensive experience in areas of Cyber Threat & Financial Crimes provides consulting to enterprises. He is an ISO 27001 Information Security Lead Auditor. He has helped many clients to consolidate their tools and have a lean IT infrastructure management. 

Presented by Huawei Cloud: Accelerate Intelligence with Huawei Cloud

11th October

Join us to hear how AI and Cloud can help businesses and organizations improve their operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation. In digital transformation, Huawei Cloud and AI can help businesses and organizations to also increase agility by providing scalable cloud infrastructure that can adapt to changing business needs and also stay competitve in today's rapidly changing digital landscape. 

This year, HUAWEI CLOUD unveiled its latest strategy: “everything as a service”. This encompasses Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Technology-as-a-Service, and Expertise-as-a-Service. HUAWEI CLOUD aims to empower its customers with the latest innovative technologies in cloud services, data, AI, and more at their fingertips. Currently, HUAWEI CLOUD offers over 220 cloud services and solutions around the world. In the Asia Pacific region, HUAWEI CLOUD operates local nodes in Singapore, Hong Kong (China), Thailand, and Malaysia. With more than 500 local partners, HUAWEI CLOUD delivers tailored cloud services and solutions to hundreds of customers across more than 10 industries, including Web3, fintech, logistic, media, and others.   

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Steven Li Yibin
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Solutions
Huawei Cloud Singapore


Presented by Snyk: Balancing Innovation and Security: The Dual-Edged Sword of AI in DevSecOps

12th October

This session aims to delve into the transformative role of AI in the DevSecOps landscape. While AI’s prowess in rapidly detecting threats, predicting vulnerabilities, and streamlining DevOps processes is undisputed, its potential misuse can’t be overlooked. Concerns range from AI-powered cyberattacks to inherent biases in security models and an over-reliance on technology without human intuition.

This roundtable will emphasize the need for a harmonized approach, intertwining AI advancements with human oversight and ethical considerations. Participants will be encouraged to share insights, addressing both the promises and perils of integrating AI into DevSecOps.

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Lawrence Crowther
Director, Solutions Engineering


Lawrence leads the solutions engineering team for Snyk in Asia Pacific and Japan. He leads a team of technologists who help grow the overall APJ business and evangelise Snyk’s products and solutions across the region. Prior to Snyk, Lawrence was the senior director of solution architecture for Elastic’s APJ business and before that he spent 6 years at Pivotal Software in various leadership roles such as Head of Platform Architecture APJ for their Cloud Foundry product, started and ran the Pivotal Labs business in Australia and Field CTO.

He has extensive experience in open source software, distributed systems and modern cloud native development. In Lawrence’s 20+ years experience he has worked with successful high growth software companies that have either IPO’d or have been acquired, so he knows what it takes to build a business at scale.


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