CEA Singapore 2018



Co-Located Conference

  • Cloud Asia

Co-Located With:

  • Cloud Security Expo
  • Big Data World
  • Smart IOT London
  • Data Centre World

Co-Located With:

  • Cloud Security Expo
  • Big Data World
  • Smart IoT
  • Data Centre World
  • ece


“Cloud Expo Asia is awesome and I had a great time and learned a lot. I’ve gained knowledge that I’ve been looking for, and I really enjoyed my time here. It is my first time here and I was referred by my colleague to visit Cloud Expo Asia. I’ve been in Singapore for less than a year and being in the technology field, it is a great opportunity to network and speak to exhibitors and learn a bit more. I’m looking for ideas on how to elevate our business with regards to the cloud and to stay ahead of the game and how to adapt to the changing circumstances by bringing these ideas back to work. I’ve got a good overview of suppliers which I would not have known otherwise if I had not attended the event. This really broadened the scope for me and I will definitely come back next year!”

Siobhan Durrant, Principal Technology, Rio Tinto


“Through my entire journey in the event, the segregation of the different sub-shows of the event is well-indicated with different colours representing different shows and the different aspects of cloud and data it covers. The use of the data scanning of each visitor or VIP’s passes is also a very innovative way to keep track of what the visitors or VIPs visited through their journey. Interesting topics were also covered in the speakers’ sessions."

Mohammad Zubair, Regional Director, Metisanalytics


“The show is very informative and comprehensive. I gained a significant amount of knowledge about the innovations and advancements in technology. I came here with the main agenda of cloud solutions and there was indeed a vast range of vendors and this served as a great opportunity for me to source for the right solutions that my company is seeking. A huge array of components in the technology industry are also covered in the 5 shows. I would definitely come to the future shows and recommend my colleagues to this event as well. In overall, the show was very good.”

Robin Luo, General Manager, Grep Tech


“I find it interesting that there are many different things I can explore at the shows. There is a huge number of visitors in the hall and I particularly enjoyed the FinTech and Security Theatre very much as that is the most relevant to the core business of my company.”

Nathawan Thongkomol, Vice President, Aioi Bangkok Insurance Plc.


“I came down especially for the FinTech related conferences and exhibitors. The size of the show is impressive and it helps to discover new products that are beneficial to our company.”

Thinarath Thittapakorn, CIO, Quick Lease Co., Ltd.


“I attended the show last year and find that it’s a good chance to meet different vendors in one place and get key notes. I am absolutely visiting the conferences for new solutions and inspirations. I attend other events but Cloud Expo Asia is really great because it’s a big event with lots of different vendors and technologies. I would recommend the event and of course I will be back next year.”

Markus Panhans, CIO, Siemens


“I was introduced to this event by my team to look for digital solution keynotes and new emerging products. I can feel that Cloud Expo Asia is more dynamic and energetic compared to other events I have attended. Definitely will be back next year.”

Megan Nan, Consultant, KPMG


“The variety of platforms at Cloud Expo Asia attracted me to attend this year. My area of interest is ICT Embedded which the conferences and exhibition vendors came just at the right time. I also observed that the organisers are very attentive, the overall event is well-organised. My colleagues will definitely come along next year.”

Martin Kizito Waidhuba, Technical Director, ICT – Embedded Sdn Bhd (UR)


“I have been attending Cloud Expo Asia since the first edition. As technology moves every few months, I am visiting to connect with exhibitors, other visitors and to investigate the potential technologies that our customers may need them. The show is not just on a large scale, it has a good range of variety too. I would like to visit the next year show as well.”

Cheh Goh, Director, Zringgo Pte Ltd


“I visited last year as well, it was good to see the discussions in the panel and the keynote theatres. We have our preferred suppliers, so it’s about looking at anything new that comes out of these suppliers. There's a good mix of suppliers - you see pretty big names as well as smaller ones. I will get my technical guys to join me next year.”

Aurelien P Heiny-Robert, Infrastructure Manager-Apna & Meda and Hosting, Shared Information Services, Mott MacDonald


“The event is not only great for IT professionals, it’s also great for start-ups. I am attending the conferences to look for IT solutions. I find this event very comprehensive with a lot located in one place. I will come again and will recommend to my colleagues.”

Amit Puri, Authorised Officer, UBS AG


“My first time at Cloud Expo Asia to look for new work solutions. This is a big event with many vendors and participants. The exhibition hall is well spread and I look forward to next year’s line-up of exhibitors at the show.”

Simon Woo, IT Manager, DeskRight Pte Ltd


“I was referred by my colleague to attend Cloud Expo Asia, and I have been exploring the event halls since morning. The event is quite informative with all the various exhibitors and conference sessions, and it is generally a good event.”

Cheng Ping Han, Head of IT, Innovix Distribution


“I am an end-user and I think it is a good show to visit. All the big companies are here to source from, and I have my IT guy looking around for relevant solutions for our company while I check out the latest industry offerings.”

Edmund Tan, Managing Director, The Clarity! Works


“I find the networking part of the show really amazing, I have manage to gain lots of great contacts throughout the show. The Big Data World was the highlight of the whole show in my opinion as big data has always intrigued me. During the speakers’ sessions, I found the conferences and speeches to be really meaningful and engaging with so many different keynote speakers. I would definitely recommend my peers to the event next year.”

Matus, Marketing and Sales Manager, Keboola


“It is my first time at Big Data World and I am fascinated by the line-up of exhibitors, all gathered at one place. Our company covers a wide range of services from mobility to learning providers, so apart from connecting with the current partners, I can establish new relationships which the events are great for.”

Abraham Vimal Kumar Augustine, Technical Development Manager, Trainocate Networks India Pvt Ltd


“As a reseller and consulting firm, I have gathered many useful information and ideas from the shows to recommend to my company.”

Satit Pongbundit. Big Data Specialist, IMC Institute


“It’s my third time at the show and I am here especially for the conference sessions and networking opportunities. I look forward to seeing a greater line up of exhibitors and attendees next year!”

Mycal Ho, BD Director, Telescience


“I attended both days because I found the speaking sessions very useful and interesting to me, particularly big data, cloud and internet of things. By listening to presentations from expert speakers, I am able to keep myself up-to-date and industry knowledge I learned here is useful to my work. I will definitely attend this expo again next year.”

Shajes Puthanveettil, Senior Architect, Hitachi Asia Ltd


“I visited this event both days because it greatly broadens my horizon. This is important to have a huge and unique event like this – bringing people from different background, industry and purpose together so we could learn from each other. In terms of conference, I am particularly interested in big data while other topics such as cloud computing, internet of things and cloud & cyber security are very interesting too.”

Anibal Gonzalez, Data Scientist, Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC)


“I am working in the pharmaceutical industry and Big Data World is an interesting event because I could update my industry knowledge here from showcases and expert speakers. And it is critical to have a face-to-face interaction so that’s why I am here.”

Joanne Lim, Business Intelligence Manager, Menarini Asia Pacific


“I came to the show with the focus of looking at the Smart IoT section and to know what are there to offer in the market. I am glad that I have gain pretty much new ideas and solution throughout the show. I have been here since morning and I find that the speaker sessions are really great and informative. The location of the VIP lounge is really convenient; I can take a break between each speaking session. Overall, I would like to rate the show great. Really looking forward to next year’s show and will definitely be here again.”

Billy Ng, Business development Director, Bizitcons Pte Ltd


"It is my first time at Cloud Expo Asia and Smart IoT Singapore, and it has been very useful for keeping myself updated with developments in IoT solutions. My whole department is here with me! This is the only event in Singapore with such a strong IoT focus – there’s no other conference like this!"

Desmond Foo, Senior Engineer, ST Electronics (Info Comms Systems)


“I have been able to find a lot emerging technologies, including IoT and Big Data solutions, but I am especially looking out for new products in the security and network integration fields. I have been able to catch up with friends and make new contacts too. I will be back next year and would definitely recommend to my friends and colleagues!”

Son Nguyen, Director of Digital Product, Microsoft Azure MVP, FPT Asia Pacific


“I have attended both days of the show and I find the concept is great! For example, the live data centre - this is a really useful feature of the show that interest me. I have found what I am looking for and I am satisfied that my objective is met. I love the VIP lounge concept the most. After a long day, there is a place where I can rest my legs and have a cup of coffee which is what I did not experience in other shows that I have attended.

Sam Halis, Data Centre Technologies Lead, PQ Energy System, LLC


“The event is crowded and there are many exhibitors that I am interested in were showcasing new and advanced products – especially on cloud, security and Internet of Things. Conference sessions that I have attended are informative and relevant alongside with great speakers.”

Freddy Darmawan, Director, Oracle


“I feel that the show is very good. There is a lot to learn about the cloud and data centres. The purpose for me to attend the show is to learn more about data centres, and also to show support to our colleagues at Data Centre World. I will definitely come back next year!”

Loh Hui Tyng, Sales Support, Union Power Pte Ltd


“This is my third time visiting Cloud Expo Asia & Data Centre World because I know I am able to source new technologies and broaden my horizon here. This year, one of my main purposes of visiting is to explore data centre training courses and I received useful information from the exhibitors.”

Frederick Pang, Senior Technical Consultant, StarHub Ltd

Speaker Testimonial

“This event provides an excellent platform for professionals to get more information on the latest technology and implementations, as well as to gather with like-minded people. It’s a good way of evangelising what you are trying to build and what you are trying to deliver, so I’m a big fan of these events, allowing me to reach out to a mass group of audience in one location.”

Jayraj Nair, VP & Global Head – IoT, Wipro Limited


“Cloud Expo Asia gave us an opportunity to enter the market, that’s why we are here again the second time, promoting our new digital platform to the audience.”

Dimuth Samaranayaka, CEO, Ascension IT Pty Ltd


"Businesses should be able to understand how best to manage and leverage DevOps, containers and global resource projects. I find that a lot of enterprise organisations don't really follow what is happening in the open source world, so this event is great for exposing the enterprise world to what start-ups are doing to disrupt established business models."

Vincent De Smet, DevOps Engineer, Honestbee