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Bring the AI-based pathology diagnosis to the cloud: image quality control, annotion and interaction platform

11 Oct 2023
Future of Work Stage
  1. Role of Pathologists in Cancer Diagnosis: Pathologists play a critical role in cancer diagnosis and treatment, serving as the "doctor's doctor" who identify malignant lesions and cells through microscopic analysis.
  2. Integration of AI in Digital Pathology: Rapid advancements in imaging technology, such as quick slide scanning at high magnification, offer the potential to integrate Artificial Intelligence based Digital Pathology (AIDP) into healthcare systems.
  3. Challenges in AIDP Adoption: While there is interest in AI-driven pathology, the adoption of AIDP diagnostic models faces challenges due to technical and non-technical reasons within the traditional pathology ecosystem.
  4. Technical Challenges: Challenges include small datasets, variations in collected data, poor generalization of developed models, and inadequate experimental and product design. Existing annotation schemes often don't align with diagnostic requirements.
  5. Quality Control Measures: Many imaging systems lack quality control measures to automatically evaluate scanned images, impacting the reliability of data used for AI model development.
  6. Fragmented Data: High-quality image data and annotations necessary for AI model development are scattered across pathology departments, leading to data fragmentation that hinders AI progress.
  7. Addressing Bottlenecks: A novel cloud-based image annotation platform called A!HistoClouds is presented as a solution to these challenges. It includes an image QC tool (A!MagQC) and an annotation system tailored for digital pathology.
  8. Benefits of A!HistoClouds: The platform overcomes limitations in handling large data streams, and its cloud-based nature facilitates access to research and development image databases beyond clinical spaces, ensuring data security and enabling collaboration.
  9. Collaborative Potential: A!HistoClouds promotes collaboration among medical centers, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and AI developers, improving the curation of annotated datasets and supporting multi-center data integration.
  10. Impact on Clinical Diagnosis: Collaborative AI-Pathology platforms can enhance pathologists' workflow, leading to more precise and timely clinical diagnoses. This can optimize treatment plans, improving patient survival outcomes through accurate AI models applicable to various disease diagnoses
In summary, attendees will gain insights into the challenges, solutions, and collaborative potential within the intersection of AI, digital pathology, and clinical diagnosis. The presented A!HistoClouds platform offers promise in overcoming bottlenecks and advancing the integration of AI technology to enhance patient care.
Yu Weimiao, - - BII/IMCB, A*STAR


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