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Effectively harnessing LLMs for business growth: opportunities, challenges and trends

11 Oct 2023
Digital Innovations Theatre
  • The excitement surrounding LLMs (and AI more broadly) is clear, among companies large and small, and in markets of various stages of development.
  • What is much less transparent are its benefits, how to implement it effectively, how to choose the right provider, common implementation pitfalls and how to measure ROI.
  • This session seeks to dive into specific AI applications that enterprises in Southeast Asia can implement for clear and meaningful business results, common hurdles to adoption and implementation challenges that we have observed among our customers, and trends we are seeing (in terms of what AI tools are being used, how customers are selecting vendors, how they are being deployed, and what applications customers are interested in exploring).
  • The talk will end with a case study on how 6Estates is helping companies in financial services and trade industries through AI solutions.
  • This session will have a lean towards financial services and trade companies, as these are 6Estates’ areas of domain expertise and market focus.
Hart Lestari, Chief Of Staff - 6Estates


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