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Overcome Blast Radius Anxiety: Ultrafast Rebuilds, and Performance for Hi-Cap SSDs

11 Oct 2023
Digital Innovations Theatre
Organizations look to keep up with surging data storage requirements, especially with high capacity 16TB+ SSDs but are challenged by blast radius concerns. Current data protection with hardware RAID 10 uses excessive redundancy in array mirroring, wasting significant SSD capacity, and RAID 5/6 schemes penalize storage performance. All current technologies require extensive rebuild times that are beyond acceptable risk levels.
Pliops Extreme Data Processor with new data structures and algorithms is changing these dynamics to improve storage infrastructure reliability with ultrafast rebuilds, all while maintaining high performance even during drive rebuilds.  These fast rebuild times enable greater storage densities while enabling high performance, up to 6x more user data storage capacity, and >15x extended endurance. By eliminating legacy tradeoffs, enterprise and cloud data centers can use high-capacity NVMe SSDs for the most data-intensive database, analytics, and AI/ML applications. The presentation discusses how to enable these capabilities including a demonstration of how quickly a high-capacity SSD can rebuild with minimal impact on performance.
Tony Afshary, Global VP of Product Management & Marketing - Pliops


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