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The future of cloud computing, from hybrid to edge to AI-powered

11 Oct 2023
Hybrid, Edge & AI-Powered Cloud Keynote Theatre

Augustin will explore the remarkable transformations that will shape cloud computing over the next 3-5 years. He will trace the evolutionary path of cloud computing, highlighting its journey from virtualization to modern architectures like containerization. Additionally, he will delve into the importance of GPUs in enabling resource-intensive Generative AI, revolutionizing the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Moreover, Augustin will discuss the power of multi-cloud strategies driven by necessity and the significance of edge computing, where applications run at the speed of life and seamless connectivity becomes paramount. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the competitive advantages of cost efficiency, rapid delivery, value creation, and accelerated innovation that businesses are embracing, while also uncovering the profound implications of AI and machine learning for the future of cloud computing.

Augustin Chan, Director of Public Sector & Enterprise Sales - Cloud Mile


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