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Effective Strategies to Bring All Employees on the Transformation Journey

12 Oct 2023
Digital Innovations Theatre

The technology may be ready but is your organisation?

With the developments in Cloud and the rise of Cloud-based platforms, many organisations are undergoing digital transformation, but successful transformation goes beyond the implementation of new technology. Transformation can only drive business value if the processes, culture, and ways of working within an organisation are transformed alongside the implementation of this new technology. Oftentimes, it is not the technology that fails, but employees’ resistance to change that hinders the organisation’s long-term potential and success.

As experts in the human side of transformation, we will explore factors that cause resistance to change in employees, including fear of the unknown, loss of control, and perceived threats to job security. This session will open the conversation on how employees’ personal commitment to change holds the success to effective transformation. The conversation will cover how effective communication, leadership alignment, transformation readiness, employee engagement, and building a change-ready culture are just some of the essential factors in fostering personal commitment to change in employees, ultimately allowing an organisation to drive value from transformation. The session will also feature success stories of organisations that successfully underwent digital transformation.


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