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YTsaurus: bridging the gap between analytics and OLTP through a unified system

12 Oct 2023
DevOps Automation & Evolution Theatre

In this talk, we will explore YTsaurus, a cutting-edge platform designed to unify analytical and OLTP tasks within a single, scalable system. We will describe one of the examples in Yandex that shows how YTsaurus eliminates the need for data duplication and offers a more resource-efficient approach for managing both analytical and transactional workloads.

Our platform equips you with a powerful suite of tools for analytics, including map-reduce operations, SQL queries, and gives a support for popular tools like Spark and Clickhouse. We'll demonstrate how YTsaurus significantly reduces data movement delays and costs, allowing you to make data-driven decisions faster and more efficiently.

Ignatii Kolesnichenko, Team Lead - YTsaurus


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