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05 Jul 2022

20 years of automation: How Hitachi has kept up with the changing demands of businesses

20 years of automation: How Hitachi has kept up with the changing demands of businesses

Job scheduling was one of the earliest forms of workload automation. Back when computers were less powerful, tasks that required more computational power – such as generating reports or processing large amounts of data – would have to be completed at night to prevent overloading company servers in the day. IT staff would often need to work late hours to ensure these processes were carried out successfully, which is why the ability to schedule jobs for after working hours became convenient.

However, traditional job scheduling was limited to certain times in the day – something at odds with the increasingly agile nature of digital businesses, which needed to process information quickly. A retail business, for example, could no longer wait until the end of the day to process new orders and then respond to them the next day – not when customers were expecting quick confirmations on their purchases. 

Hitachi Job Management Partner 1/Automatic Job Management System 3 (JP1/AJS3), a workload automation and job scheduling tool, has the capability to centrally manage and automate system operations over multiple platforms and applications that aids to improve the operational productivity and agility. It simplifies jobs/tasks to lighten IT operation workloads and complex manual operations efficiently and effectively.

Register for a 60-day free trial of JP1/AJS3 here: https://jp1-news.hitachi-asia.com/1153-jp1-ajs3-free-trial.html

Vist Hitachi Asia's ICT to learn more: http://www.hitachi.com.sg/ict-solutions/resource/blog/20-years-automation-hitachi-changing-demands-businesses.html

This article was originally published in Tech in Asia Studios, which connects brands with Asia’s tech community. Learn more about partnering with Tech in Asia Studios.https://www.techinasia.com/20-years-automation-hitachi-changing-demands-businesses



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