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07 Sep 2022

AVEVA Drives Sustainability Initiatives For Water And Renewable Power Customers

AVEVA Drives Sustainability Initiatives For Water And Renewable Power Customers
AVEVA Enables Customers to Realize Net-Zero Objectives in Complex Decision-making Environment

London, UK, 30 May, 2022– AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software driving digital transformation and sustainability, has announced two new industry templates for customers to accelerate the deployment of enterprise visualization. The AVEVA™ Unified Operations Center for Water and AVEVA™ Unified Operations Center for Renewables solutions underline the company’s continuous efforts in supporting global customers’ sustainability initiatives and objectives.

The adverse effects of climate change are demanding greater industrial sustainability and compelling organizations to reimagine and align operations towards environmental, social and governance (ESG) frameworks. Recent AVEVA research reveals that 89% of industrial companies are investing in digital solutions to achieve their sustainability goals, with a focus on collaboration tools, real-time data, and predictive analytics.

Digital tools have a significant role to play in today’s dynamic business environment. They offer the potential to drive 20-30% productivity gains and can unlock more than $100 billion in value, according to McKinsey estimates. In addition, digital tools support customers in making the complex decisions required in today’s business environment. Gartner data  shows that 65% of decisions are more complex today than just two years ago. AVEVA’s software for enterprise visualization responds to this growing need. 

Contextual information for informed decision-making support

AVEVA™ Unified Operations Center solutions for water and renewable power enable customers to leverage deep insight and operational guidance from many geographically dispersed assets, delivering enterprise visualization that accelerates their business goals and contributes to their net-zero targets.

Rashesh Mody, Senior Vice President, Monitoring and Control Business Unit, AVEVA, said, “Our enterprise visualization category offerings will enable ESG strategies for industrial companies and empower them to reduce their carbon footprint through real-time insights. AVEVA Unified Operations Center provides enhanced awareness and guides enterprise users in better understanding their global operations and responding to internal and external events that can promote sustainable outcomes. Depending on the industry, customers can unearth value from their data that was previously inaccessible, by improving visibility at higher decision-making levels, while providing organization-wide context alongside other types of information within a single application.”

Enterprise visualization solutions such as AVEVA Unified Operations Center help teams and users tasked with organization-wide responsibilities. They make content available through a single pane-of-glass environment, where data from Operations Technology (OT), Information Technology (IT), and Engineering Technology (ET) converge to provide actionable information in context for industrial operations.

Frequently deployed as intelligent operations centers, these systems promote greater operational awareness and improved crisis response, integration, and collaboration across functional departments, and enable the sharing of information and coordination of daily activities and processes.

AVEVA Unified Operations Center is unique in offering a centralized view to improve decision making, thanks to established capabilities in collecting, visualizing and analyzing data, and providing action-centric information within a system-of-systems approach. The solution connects people, assets, systems and sites, empowering customers with contextual data to make key decisions.

With the new integrations, companies in the water and renewable power sectors can now enjoy the benefits of integrated and enhanced visibility, enabling deeper insights for quick and accurate decision-making to drive sustainability. The solutions enable increased agility allowing teams to make decisions in parallel to each other, expediting responses to performance events and drive reductions in energy consumption and production through optimization opportunities.



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