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30 Aug 2022

Digital Enterprise Architecture Competency Development

Digital Enterprise Architecture Competency Development
IASA Business Technology Architecture Book of Knowledge (BTABoK) competency model.

In today’s world of ever-accelerating innovation, nimble challenges spring up and disrupt business overnight. Keeping pace with technology to provide a competitive edge and ensure long-term market relevance can be a daunting task. Digital Enterprise Architecture (EA) empowers businesses with a holistic view of the entire organisational processes, information, and technological elements that make up a successful digital enterprise and helps bridge the digital gap between Business and IT strategies to realise the business goals for achieving long-term sustainability.


IASA developed a series of EA certification training programs based on the Business Technology Architecture Book of Knowledge (BTABoK) competency model to assist organizations in developing a comprehensive capability and competency development plan to equip people within the organization with the necessary skills, knowledge, attitude, experiences, and qualifications to perform all necessary tasks.

The BTABoK was founded with the goal of creating a world-class architecture practice, and these goals are reflected in its five pillars: Business Technology Strategy, Design, Human Dynamics, Quality Attributes, and Information Technology Environment to map with five specialization areas: business, information, infrastructure, software, and solution to enhance the professional career path in EA. The ultimate goal of the competency model is helping to ensure that individual architects are prepared to do the job at the correct level and are able to grow their competencies. However as each of the pillars has numerous competencies and architects often grow different competencies at different rates, the BTABoK uses a total average for the pillar to determine the individual’s overall professional level.



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