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25 Sep 2018

Sangfor Newest Enterprise Cloud – aCloud – A Rapid Way to Establish Business-Driven Cloud Data Center

Sangfor Technologies Inc., a leading vendor in network security and cloud computing solutions, announces the release of the newest version of their Hyper-

Converged Infrastructure – aCloud – an IT framework designed to combine storage, compute and network on a single system, reducing complexity and increasing continuity. Sangfor Hyper-Converged Infrastructure has expanded Cloud Management Platform (aCMP) features and simplified their OpenStack API and disaster recovery (DR) functions, taking data centre consolidation, cloud computing, enterprise application management and data protection to the next level.


In a world of digital transformation, everything is moving faster. Businesses can’t afford to lose market initiative due to lagging IT response. People stay online 24/7 and so must businesses. Thanks to cloud computing, IT is becoming a driving force for business innovation instead of just keeping lights on. Building IT capability has never been easier, with a few clicks and credit card number, IT resources can be automatically provisioned and consumed on demand with public cloud services. However, this is also a world of hybridity and flux, a world in transition from legacy IT to new-world IT. Many business-critical applications are still living in legacy data centers but need to be run on premises for extended control, regulation and compliance. Another large pain point facing business owners is how to keep business up and running continuously while staying agile and stable. Business continuity matters, especially in this internet-connected world, and business interruption means loss of revenue and sometimes branding damage. However, lots of corporations still lack a comprehensive disaster recovery plan and traditional disaster recovery solutions are far too complex and prohibitively expensive for a majority of organizations.


To help customers smoothly evolve their legacy data centers to cloud and ensure business continuity simply and comprehensively, Sangfor developed aCloud with aCMP (Cloud Management Platform).


With the total global public cloud market projected to be $178B in 2018, up from $146B in 2017, businesses of all sizes are scrambling to adopt the right cloud management solution for them – and that might mean the need for more granular control.  Sangfor’s aCMP is an enhanced and optimized OpenStack-based cloud management platform. With aCMP the customer is able to transform aCloud (previously HCI) to a private cloud platform. Multi-tenancy, self-service portal and billing/metering are all implemented to realize a true cloud experience. aCMP also provides the capability to manage multiple clusters across different sites to simplify management for large-scale deployment.


Moreover, aCMP can be smoothly integrated with a 3rd-party cloud management platform through OpenStack API so that the customer’s existing OpenStack-compatible cloud management platform can manage Sangfor aCMP without further modification. With aCloud as the infrastructure beneath aCMP, there’s no cloud solution as simple as it. aCMP is extremely easy to use for customers who are eager to build a private cloud and gain agility and efficiency through cloud automation but have little to no cloud skillset.


When disaster strikes, roughly 54% of companies experience a downtime event that lasts more than 8 hours and 28% of organizations have experienced significant data loss in the past 12 months. Until recently, remote backup was the only disaster recovery solution available on HCI, however backup incurs relatively large RTO and RPO, which is not suitable for businesses with strict SLAs. On aCloud, disaster recovery is made simpler and more comprehensive, providing flexible RPO (1s, 10s, 10 mins, 30 mins or hours) and minimum RTO (minutes) choices to accommodate different business requirements. Customers can configure CDP-based remote replication between 2 HCI clusters to reduce RPO to 1 second and pre-configure disaster recovery workflows to facilitate 1-click failover. The disaster recovery orchestration and automation engine is integrated in aCloud to enable DR drill, validating the DR solution without any downtime. Sangfor also provides “Seed Backup” (use of a portable disk to backup data on the production site, move it to DR site and then import the data) to combat physical laws on network bandwidth for a quick first-time full data copy. Finally, to make DR visible and easy to manage, Sangfor aCloud offers a full picture of running status of protected sites and VM groups on the visualized interface, allowing any anomaly to be displayed in detail and all troubleshooting to be done in a timely manner. Sangfor is looking forward to helping customers easily ensure reliable business continuity with the new DR capabilities on aCloud.


Sangfor aCloud with aCMP is the biggest new release since the launch of the Sangfor cloud computing product line – and it’s also the strongest platform yet. We envisage the IT world as hybrid and business-oriented in the long-term, and aCloud with aCMP is the ultimate solution to achieve that vision. Every step of the way Sangfor puts our customer’s business needs at the core of our product design. Sangfor asks, “How can we help with the transformation in a cloud world?” “How can we make business processes more reliable?” and most importantly, “How can we make our solutions simple, easy to use and cost-effective so that everybody can enjoy the latest technological advances?” Pricing and details for aCloud are available from Sangfor and our partners globally.


About Sangfor
Founded in 2000 and a publicly traded company as of 2018 (SANGFOR STOCK CODE: 300454 (CH) Sangfor Technologies is the global leading vendor of IT infrastructure solutions specializing in Cloud Computing and Network Security. For more information, please visit our website www.sangfor.com



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