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Mikhail Levinsky

Mikhail Levinsky

Product Manager, Kaspersky
Mikhail Levinsky is a product manager with a specialist degree in cybersecurity and more than 18 years of experience in IT. In that time, he has developed deep expertise both in business and technology, as a result of implementing complex projects in the banking industry and public sector. Mikhail has been at Kaspersky for over 10 years, contributing to such significant products as Kaspersky Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam SDK and Kaspersky Endpoint Security, obtaining a patent for his inventions. For the last four years Mikhail has been responsible for products in the KasperskyOS team. He oversees development of Kaspersky Thin Client and in the near future aims to create a product capable of competing with those of world-renowned companies that have been developing operating systems for thin clients for decades.


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