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22 Jan 2024

MONITORAPP Expands Business Area to Indonesia

MONITORAPP Expands Business Area to Indonesia
2 recent Indonesian Partners MONITORAPP

MONITORAPP, a security solution provider originating in South Korea, recently announced its two latest partnerships in Indonesia – XCIDIC and DeltaData Mandiri, further solidifying its position in the Southeast Asian market.

MONITORAPP provides security solutions not only through physical appliances and virtual appliances but also with services through its cloud-based SECaaS platform, AIONCLOUD. Therefore, entering into partnerships with the two local partners, both based in Jakarta, Indonesia, will efficiently support the company in delivering its products and services to local end users.

XCIDIC has been engaged in the cybersecurity solution distribution business since its establishment in 2014, has branches not only in Indonesia but also in Singapore, and is planning to extend its service area to Vietnam and Thailand. Through the partnership agreement, XCIDIC will undertake sales activities in Indonesia and Singapore for ‘AIONCLOUD Website Protection’, MONITORAPP's cloud-based service that provides comprehensive protection for web applications and APIs.

On the other hand, Deltadata Mandiri, a software development and distribution company that provides network services, media security services, and cloud security services, will support MONITORAPP in distributing products and technical support activities for ‘AIWAF’, MONITORAPP’s hardware-type web firewall that protects the business server from various web attacks.

Accordingly, the cooperation of the two local companies will open up new opportunities for MONITORAPP to provide its optimal security products to local users and strengthen each other's expertise. The company will gradually expand the range of products offered, thereby affirming its strategic plan to continuously provide quality security solutions in the region.

Kyle Lee, CEO of MONITORAPP, commented, “We are expanding our business area with our global partner network to offer more and more up-to-date security solutions to our global end-users. MONITORAPP, along with our partners, believes in the power of working together to create a better and safer world.”



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