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YDB is a versatile open-source Distributed SQL Database that combines high availability and scalability with strong consistency and ACID transactions. It accommodates transactional (OLTP), analytical (OLAP), and streaming workloads simultaneously.

Why YDB?

True elastic scalability

Add or remove nodes on the fly to easily scale up and down as needed. YDB is proven to work in real production environments with millions of transactions per second and petabytes of data for mission-critical real-time applications.


YDB is designed to work in three availability zones, ensuring availability even if a whole availability zone goes offline. It recovers automatically after a disk, server, or data center failure with minimum latency disruptions for applications.


Working with a YDB cluster feels like working with a limitless singlenode DBMS thanks to strong consistency, ACID transactions, high performance queries, fast data ingestion with a familiar SQL dialect, and JSON API support.


With support for various kinds of workloads, YDB alone can replace multiple data storage and processing systems or the whole enterprise data ecosystem in a given company.

Open Source

YDB source code is published under the Apache 2.0 license, one of the most permissive true OSS licenses, so there’s no risk of cloud or vendor lock-in.

Compatibility with any environment

YDB can be deployed in Kubernetes, in any cloud environment, or in onpremise datacenters. Local experimentation on a laptop or desktop is also possible.


Almaty, Dostyk Street 43
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