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28 Feb 2022

Seagate Launches Lyve Cloud and Lyve Labs in Singapore to Accelerate Digital Economy Growth

Seagate Launches Lyve Cloud and Lyve Labs in Singapore to Accelerate Digital Economy Growth
(From left) Seagate Technology CIO and EVP Ravi Naik, EDB Chairman Beh Swan Gin and Seagate Technology CEO Dave Mosley

SINGAPORE — February 28, 2022 — Seagate Technology Holdings plc (NASDAQ: STX), a world leader in data storage infrastructure solutions, announced today the launch of its Lyve™ Cloud and Lyve™ Labs in Singapore. Lyve Cloud is Seagate’s premiere cloud storage-as-a-service platform and Lyve Labs is a collaborative innovation hub to create solutions that harness the flow of data. Choosing Singapore as the first market in Asia to launch its cloud storage platform and innovation centre, Seagate aims to support the nation’s digital-first vision to transform Singapore through technology and accelerate the growth of its expanding digital economy along with those in Southeast Asia.

“Lyve Cloud and Lyve Labs represent Seagate’s evolution to serve mass data ecosystems,” said Dave Mosley, Seagate CEO. “With Singapore being a hub for regional and global industry-leading businesses, innovators and disruptive startups, it was a natural choice for us to bring these offerings to Singapore. I am delighted to mark Seagate’s 40th anniversary in Singapore with these transformative platforms.”


Hosted at The Shugart, the launch event was attended by Dr Beh Swan Gin, Chairman of Singapore Economic Development Board. The event also saw a panel discussion featuring industry leaders from Equinix, Lattice, and PacketFabric who shared their views on building scalable and interoperable mass data infrastructure to help enable the digital economy.


“Seagate has been a major contributor to our Electronics sector for the last 40 years. The decision to establish Singapore as the first country in the region for its Lyve Cloud business and Lyve Labs innovation centre is a continuation of this long-standing partnership. Through Lyve in Singapore, Seagate will deliver greater value for industries in the digital economy via its innovative edge storage solutions coupled with high-capacity converged infrastructure for cloud storage,” said Dr Beh Swan Gin, Chairman of the Singapore Economic Development Board.


Lyve Cloud Removes Barriers to Put More Data to Work

According to Seagate’s Rethink Data report, enterprises struggle with leveraging their data efficiently and as much as 68% of the data available to enterprises is not utilised. Lyve Cloud aims to reduce the cost and complexity of storage infrastructure that prevents organizations from making full use of their data. By using Lyve Cloud in scenarios such as data analytics, data repository for content collaboration, and backup/disaster recovery, organizations can break the silos of data in different systems and technologies, activate the data for business, and save over 70% of their storage costs[i].


“The launch of Lyve Cloud in Singapore will benefit businesses with access to Seagate’s cloud solutions and equip them with true multi-cloud flexibility, world-class security, and long-term cost predictability,” said Ravi Naik, Seagate’s executive vice president of storage services and CIO. “Lyve Cloud empowers businesses to manage and transfer mass data easily, rapidly and securely across various storage environments to accelerate their digital transformation and innovation agendas.”


Lyve Cloud, since its launch in the United States in 2021, has been trusted by many partners and customers for its simple, trusted, and efficient features. Lyve Cloud now has over 50 companies in its ecosystem network, including industry leaders such as Zadara, Equinix and PacketFabric, collaborating with Seagate to help businesses to fully utilise their cloud infrastructure.


“Since its launch in 2021, enterprise customers in the USA have been leveraging Lyve Cloud on Platform Equinix for optimized, cost-effective object storage and to make their cloud truly composable. Equinix’s global reach, dense cloud ecosystems, on-demand interconnection and digital services enable enterprises to store their data at the metro edge and overcome data challenges related to cost, complexity, and proximity.” said Yee May Leong, managing director of South Asia at Equinix. “Seagate and Equinix share the belief that bringing the scale and efficiency of object storage as a service closer to users is extremely important. Given Equinix and Seagate are both located in one-north, Singapore's high technology cluster, we hope to support enterprises accelerate innovation and capitalize on their data together.”


“Seagate's Singapore Lyve Cloud launch provides us with the opportunity to expand our storage offerings in the Asia Pacific region,” said Anna Claiborne, co-founder and CTO of PacketFabric. “Together, we can better serve our respective customers as they connect their networks and storage across multiple clouds and edges with the control and access they need to best manage their expanding data and realize its full value. PacketFabric is excited to work with Lyve Cloud to provide local cloud storage in Singapore.”


“Lyve Cloud features all things I look for in a cloud solution: predictability, security, and no lock-ins,” said Sudhakar Chilukuri, CIO of Lattice Semiconductor. “We were up and running with Lyve Cloud in just hours and it is an excellent complement to our existing systems. Having a clear line-of-sight on total cost is a very attractive feature and we are excited for Seagate to expand the offering to more customers.”


Lyve Labs Singapore Aims to Drive Data-Harnessing Innovations in Business Scenarios

Seagate chose Singapore for its first Lyve Labs expansion into Asia. Lyve Labs brings together aspiring innovators and startups to develop data-harnessing solutions for customers and foster collaboration to create forward-thinking technology solutions that would benefit the broader community. The innovation lab will enable startups to build mass data management infrastructure with Lyve Cloud at its foundation, arming their data operations with high availability, cost predictability and cloud flexibility. Together with the labs in Israel and the US, Lyve Labs Singapore will connect Singapore’s technical talent with other like-minded innovators globally seeking to effect positive change on the world.


As part of its effort to provide simple, secure, and efficient ways to work with exabytes of data to Singapore’s startup community, Lyve Labs Singapore will be introducing series of nurturing programmes. This will include Lyve Cloud for Startups, The Innovator of the Year Award and a series of webinars and events. Lyve Labs will also help startups connect with technical experts and innovators to build proof-of-concept (POC) solutions.


For more information about Seagate’s Lyve Cloud and use cases, please visit https://www.seagate.com/services/cloud/storage/


About Seagate   

Seagate Technology crafts the datasphere, helping to maximize humanity’s potential by innovating world-class, precision-engineered mass-data storage and management solutions with a focus on sustainable partnerships. A global technology leader for more than 40 years, the company has shipped over three billion terabytes of data capacity. Learn more about Seagate by visiting www.seagate.com or following us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and subscribing to our blog.   


About Lyve Labs

Seagate Technology’s Lyve Labs is a collaborative platform through which Seagate partners with innovators, startups, and enterprises to create solutions that harness the power of data. Seagate has Lyve Labs in three locations: Longmont, Israel and Singapore. Learn more by visiting https://labs.seagate.com.


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[i] This calculation does not consider additional cloud data copies with object immutability, replication, potential data compression, or deduplication supported by backup software. It assumes that savings from compression and deduplication are equal to additional storage capacity required for data copies with object immutability and data replication.



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