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Cloud Expo Asia features five distinct theatres, offering a comprehensive platform to explore the latest in hybrid cloud, AI, sustainability, future workforces, DevOps, and more.

This is the place to connect with industry leaders, showcase your expertise, collaborate with peers, and influence future conversations in the industry.

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Hybrid, Edge & AI-Powered Cloud Keynote Theatre

Explore the many exciting ways that cloud technology can transform your business and the infrastructure needed to make it happen.

At this year's keynote theatre you will explore critical themes...

  • Pathways to Performance: Explore what your business needs to advance your digital transformation journey

  • Business-First Perspectives: Hear real success stories of cloud adoption from leading organisations

  • Readying for the Upside: Learn how to adopt emerging technologies like machine learning, AI, blockchain, and more

  • Accelerate Time to Value: Discover methods to scale at speed and develop faster


Hybrid, Edge & AI-Powered Cloud Keynote Theatre

Businesses are now realising the transformative power of digitalisation. It is important to share experiences, stategies, and innovative ideas to ready your organisation and teams for Industry 4.0 and the next-generation of technology that is rapidly approaching.

The Hybrid, Edge & AI-Powered Cloud Keynote Theatre serves as a platform for those at the forefront the digital transformation movement. Industry leaders will come together to share their insights and provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of the current and future landscape of tech adoption and integration.

The theatre will cover six key themes that are central to understanding and navigating this landscape:

  • Pathways to Performance: Explore the holistic journey of digital transformation with enterprise leaders who will share their strategies to drive business performance. From identifying problems and opportunities, to integrating innovative solutions, this theme offers a thorough exploration of the digital transformation process and its implications.

  • Business-First Perspectives: Address the requirements of businesses as they consider adopting cloud services. Experts will share their tips to being a discerning consumer in the busy and competitive cloud market. Gain insights on navigating the commoditisation of cloud.

  • Moving Up the Cloud Value Chain: As businesses expand and evolve, so do their technological needs. Cover the challenges and strategies associated with achieving cloud maturity, including data sovereignty, digital skills, and managing cybersecurity.

  • Embracing Hybrid Cloud Strategies: To balance the benefits of public and private cloud models, hybrid cloud solutions can offer the best of both worlds. Learn how to strategically implement hybrid cloud architecture and address the challenges in managing workloads, data mobility, and interoperability across multiple environments. Gain insights into effective governance strategies, cost optimisation techniques, and the evolving role of hybrid cloud in digital transformation.

  • Strengthening Cloud Security: With business-critical functions increasingly migrating to the cloud, securing these virtual environments is paramount. Get valuable insights on securing cloud architectures, maintaining operational integrity, ensuring data security, and staying compliant with regulations in a cloud-first world. Discover case studies from speakers who have successfully on safeguarded their cloud environments through strategies like stress testing, red teaming, and fostering a robust security culture.

  • Readying for the Upside: Get involved in discussions on emerging technologies like machine learning, generative AI, or Web 3.0. Understand the integration considerations and cloud services needed to successfully adopt and leverage these technologies.

  • The Edge in Focus: The rise of AI, IoT, and 5G has made edge computing critical to ensure optimal performance. Take a look at the implications of shifting to the edge, enabling scalability, and ensuring security.

  • Accelerating Time to Value: Discover how to quickly unlock the value of deploying advanced technologies. Hear the lessons learned during and after the COVID-19 pandemic for achieving digital success at speed. Real case studies will explore scaling up businesses, making alignment across teams happen, and measuring success.

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Learn More About These Unmissable Theatres


Digital Innovations Theatre

Be a part of the Digital Innovations Theatre to engage in pivotal conversations on the exciting opportunities to leverage advancing technologies and address the challenges of digital transformation. Discover effective strategies to redefine your business.

You will cover crucial topics, including:

Orchestrating for Scale: Businesses today are dealing with growing performance needs and complexities. This requires scalable cloud solutions, effective adoption strategies, and the right talent. This theme delves into the operational challenges faced by IT leaders and offers insights into preparing for rapid scaling. Reflect on the lessons learned from scaling at speed during the COVID pandemic and take a look towards the future.

Leveraging Exponential Tech: New technologies can help businesses navigate increasingly complex operating environments. Here we will focus on how leaders can leverage these technologies and navigate their organisational resources. You are invited to get involved in conversations on approaches behind innovative initiatives aimed at addressing scalability, sustainability, and business integrity challenges.

Sustainable Tech: As businesses face mounting expectations to tackle climate change, sustainability is becoming a critical aspect of IT. This theme explores the opportunities and challenges surrounding sustainable tech, from energy-efficient practices and reducing waste to achieving ESG goals and measuring sustainability metrics.

Governance, Risks and Enterprise Integrity: This theme will cover risk management perspectives, governance approaches, and compliance management. It will also explore how to maintain successful operational efficiency and tech solutions like AI that can help streamline complexities.

Strategies for Future-Proofing Enterprises: Technological advancements can cause both optimism and fear when it comes to future-proofing a business. Industry leaders will offer insights and success stories on the technologies and approaches that can be used to position a business for its next stage of growth.


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Future of Work Stage

The Future of Work Stage offers a stage for in-depth discussions on the evolving landscape of work. Get involved in examining how technology is reshaping work and how businesses can help employees feel supported, engaged, and productive.

You will cover crucial topics, including:

Enabling and Transforming Work: The traditional ways of working are being disrupted, and businesses need to adapt quickly. Take a look at how technology can enable new work processes and improve performance. You will explore how businesses are creating new work processes and adapting in this new landscape.

Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds: The shift towards hybrid and remote work has blurred the boundaries between physical and digital workspaces. This theme examines the gaps that still exist and how organisations can address them. Conversations will shed light on effective change initiatives and cloud solutions that are ensuring seamless integration and support for workers regardless of their location.

Future of Work & the Workforce: Tackle the skills and capabilities that workers will need to thrive in the future. Topics will range from the necessary tools, training, and working environments needed to enable future workforces, as well as the mental health and well-being practices required. Case studies will highlight examples of organisations and their partners who are already preparing for the future of work.

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DevOps Live Logo

DevOps Live! Workshop 

The DevOps Live! Workshop  is a vibrant platform where industry experts share their DevOps journey and the solutions available to transform your organisation's development practices.

You will address the theme of Engineering Transformation, covering:

Improving Low-Code No-Code (LCNC) Application Performance: With the increasing popularity of LCNC platforms, this workshop will explore best practices for optimising performance and managing the unique challenges that these platforms present.

Integrating Business Logic and Data Analytics: This workshop will delve into the crucial task of effectively blending business logic with data analytics in order to drive meaningful business outcomes.

Priming the CI/CD Flywheel with Automation: Examine how automation can enhance continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines to accelerate development cycles and improve software quality.

Building High Performance DevOps and Technology Teams: Learn how to cultivate a productive DevOps culture within your technology teams, including strategies for fostering collaboration, removing silos, continuous learning, and resilience.

Best Practices in Executing Serverless Architectures: Explore the benefits and challenges of serverless architectures and take a look at best practices for their effective implementation.

Approaches to Accelerating Hyper-Automation: Learn about implementing hyper-automation, a key trend that leverages advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to automate complex business processes.

Debugging Better with Visualisation and Real-Time Reports: See how visualisation tools and real-time reporting can enhance debugging processes and improve software quality.

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DevOps Automation and Evolution Theatre

The DevOps Automation and Evolution Theatre is a hub for exploring how DevOps continues to evolve and transform the way businesses operate. Take a deep dive into the practices, tools, and concepts that are driving DevOps capability and capacity development.

You will cover crucial topics, including:

Facets of DevOps in Focus: Unravel the many complex forms of DevOps, including AIOps, DataOps, DevSecOps, GitOps, MLOps, and more. Address the challenges that development teams face with such different facets of DevOps, as well as the emerging best practices that can help ensure quality outcomes and alignment across different teams.

Enterprise DevOps: Explore the imperatives for enterprises to narrow gaps within the DevOps value chain and the strategies required to improve and accelerate software delivery. Hear case studies on how enterprises have successfully adopted DevOps approaches to support business functions, services, growth, performance, and resilience.

Strategic Value of DevOps: With DevOps increasingly being seen as a key driver for business success, this theme will examine the implications of viewing DevOps as a strategic function rather than a purely technical one. Sessions will demonstrate how DevOps supports and drives the enterprise value chain and digital transformation initiatives.

Best Practices for Scaling and Acceleration: Discover how DevOps can connect the dots between operational goals, technology investments, and improved software output. Speakers will highlight best practices on how automation and collaboration can bring enhanced productivity and quality products to consumers.

Evolving DevOps Capabilities: As DevOps environments become more complex and advanced, this theme will explore how teams can build on platform-agnostic core capabilities to future-proof themselves. It will address the viability of capability maturity and how DevOps teams can closely align with the rest of the business.

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Highlights from Cloud Expo Asia 2022

  • The show was opened by the Executive Director for Exhibitions & Conferences at Singapore Tourism Board
  • The She Loves Data Live! workshops covered the critical topic of diversity and data inclusivity through CV clinics and empowering talks
  • A panel session featuring speakers from AWS and Google Cloud focused on how cloud can enable more sustainable practices by enterprises


“Having these kinds of spaces can be enlightening with the opportunity to discover new companies and trends in the market.”
Head of Growth Singapore/Malaysia, The Sandbox

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