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Cloud AI Horizon Keynote Theatre

The Keynote Theatre offers a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements and trends in the Cloud AI landscape, empowering attendees to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Gain valuable insights into harnessing AI's transformative power across various sectors while exploring a diverse range of topics including the intelligent cloud, smart infrastructure, AI-driven innovation, market intelligence and upcoming trends.

Themes to be explored include:

  • Intelligent Cloud

  • AI-Driven Innovation

  • Ethical & Responsible AI

  • Market Intelligence & Trends

  • AI Security & Privacy

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Picture of speaker in CEA theatre

Digital Transformation & Strategy Theatre

Digital Transformation & Strategy Theatre

Building upon the foundation of digital customer experience, digital-first strategy, and data-driven decision-making, this theatre explores how companies can further advance their transformation journey towards customer-centricity and sustainable growth.

Delve into the next stage of organisational evolution beyond the initial steps of digital transformation.

From large-scale enterprise transformations to fostering a culture of innovation, explore insights and strategies needed to navigate the complexities of modern business landscapes while accelerating digital transformation initiatives, optimising operations, and enhancing customer experiences.

Themes to be explored include:

  • Digital-First Strategy

  • Large-Enterprise Digital Transformation

  • Edge Transformation

  • Data-Driven Decision 


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Minds & Machines: AI in Tomorrow’s Workplace Theatre

Minds & Machines: AI in Tomorrow’s Workplace Theatre

This theatre explores the multifaceted impact of AI across various aspects of the modern workforce. 

Gain valuable insights into how organisations are leveraging AI technologies to reshape workforce capabilities and inspire innovation.

Discover how AI is revolutionising talent acquisition, predictive analytics, and workplace safety protocols, and uncover the exciting possibilities and ethical considerations of an AI-enhanced workforce.

Themes to be explored include:

  • AI- Enhanced Workforce

  • AI-Driven Innovation

  • Remote Work Enablement

  • AI-Based Predictive Analytics

  • Transformative AI Applications


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DevOps Automation & Evolution Theatre

DevOps Automation & Evolution Theatre

This theatre delves into the core principles emerging trends, and transformative practices that define modern DevOps methodologies.

Throughout this track, we'll navigate a diverse array of topics, including Cloud-Native Development, Chaos Engineering, Continuous Integration/Deployment, Serverless Computing, Shift-Left Testing, Collaborative Practices, Microservices Architecture, Kubernetes and Container Orchestration, Infrastructure as Code, and Edge Computing.

Uncover the latest strategies, tools, and best practices that empower organizations to accelerate delivery, enhance reliability, and drive continuous innovation in today's dynamic digital environment.

Themes to be explored include:

  • Cloud-Native Development

  • Chaos Engineering

  • Serverless Computing

  • Shift-Left Testing

  • Infrastructure as Code


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"It’s my great pleasure to share Forrester’s research on cloud-native innovation in Tech Week Singapore, a great event with insightful keynotes, visionary professionals, and leading innovators. Let’s gather together to accelerate digital innovation, become future fit, and make this world a better place."

VP & Research Director, Forrester Research Inc

"Having an international perspective on technology and innovation is essential to my position, and this is something that was truly reaffirmed after my participation at Cloud Expo Asia. It was an absolutely enriching and great learning experience being a part of a panel on Web3, Metaverse, and the Future of Computing!"

Senior Futurist & Head of Innovation and Technology, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

“Cloud Expo Asia is the biggest and best technology event for CXOs, leadership and all levels of professionals. It provides hands down the latest and upcoming trends in Technology with best speakers, content, products, services and overall experience. This is the ONE event I plan and attend every year without fail.”

Head of Corporate Development, Practical DevSecOps

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