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Mani Gopalaratnam, CTO of Resulticks, on what’s next for ecommerce, now that omnichannel has largely killed direct marketing. And how brick and mortar retailers can capitalise on remaining growth areas.


Aloysius Cheang, Executive Vice-President of CSCIS APAC, on how thieves don’t need to steal your online credentials, to hijack your identity, adding a whole new dimension to the risk consumers face, as they share their data with different providers.


Kevin Dillon, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at ERI, on the huge cybersecurity risk of e-waste, as the industry wakes up to the reality, that a data breach can happen through hardware, just as easily as through software.


Join Ben Nottle, Head, Customer Experience & Solutions, SAP, on how organisations transition from CRM, to Customer Experience Management (CEM), as companies race to provide a more personalised experience, as the customer journey becomes key.


Join Paul Meinshausen, Chief Product Officer at DT One, on solving one of the biggest issues for migrant workers overseas: how to send money back home cheaply, and safely?


John Shier, Senior Security Advisor at Sophos, on the inner workings of the Dark Web world, that lies just below, but totally apart from our everyday internet. And why today, the Dark Web is far more than what people generally assume, or understand. 


Dr Shirabe Ogino, CEO of ZAISAN Net/DeepScore Inc, on the future of credit ratings, and payments as countries like China adopt tools like QR codes and unified payment platforms (ie. Alibaba) wholesale, what can we learn in emerging markets in SEA learn? And his own insights on the fast-changing future of credit ratings, especially in developing markets where few customers have financial histories, through systems like Deepscore


Sylvain Lejeune, Sales Leader APAC at WatchGuard Technologies, talks about today’s cybersecurity threat landscape and how cybercriminals are weaponising our own human nature against us. But what does it take for enterprises and consumers to stay safe against an AI-powered ‘Zero Day’ malware or sophisticated phishing attacks?


Manvi Kathuria, GM APAC, eCommerce at Luxasia, on how online retailers streamline and synthesise a uniform customer journey on regional e-commerce platforms operating in a diverse region like SEA. 


Michel Mommejat, CMO at Genesis Healthcare, on the future of data in healthcare and technology, from transformative IOT, to hybrid tools allowing web users to search for treatments, symptoms, etc., creating a more personalised user experience.


Alin Dobrea, Head of Marketing Solutions & Partnerships at Zalora, on the critical importance of brands doing better, AI-powered story telling on social media if they want to stay relevant in the new economy, as machine learning and AI retail tech disrupts social media marketing with tools like AR.


Charles Tidswell, Vice President JAPAC at Socialbakers, on the fundamental difference between a consumer vs. a customer, in today’s e-commerce. 

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Steve Struthers, VP Worldwide Solutions and Alliances, BlackBerry Cylance explains how AI components like Machine Learning and Deep Learning are improving cybersecurity.


Shawn Rogers, Senior Director of Analytic Strategy for Tibco explains the biggest challenges in data analytics and how AI is helping with that.


Sean Hong, Regional Director Strategic Alliance, shares Fortinet's innovation in the cybersecurity industry and the company's vision for the future.


James Forbes-May, VP Sales APAC, Barracuda talks about social engineering in cybersecurity and how AI is making a difference in threat detection and defense.


Kumar Ritesh, Chairman and CEO of Cyfirma talks about the threat landscape in Southeast Asia and Cyfirma's Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform


Chak Ming Fai, Head of Solution Consulting Southeast Asia for Adobe explains Adobe Sensei and how AI is making a difference to Adobe's services and solutions.


Eric Hui, Director IoT Systems, APAC from Equinix explains to us what open data is and how it can be used to unlock valuable insights while staying secure.


Camy Yen, Sales Account Manager for Synology speaks about how Synology continues to lead the NAS market and its upgrades and innovations for the future.


McAfee's Jonathan Andresen shares the latest innovations at McAfee as well as explains how the cybersecurity company is leveraging on AI.


Brian Goldfarb, Chief Marketing Officer at Chef explains Chef is still relevant when cloud promises automated operations.


Phil Scanlon, VP Sales Engineering, Asia Pacific and Japan, Solace explains more about event broker and how it affects enterprises.



In partnership with La French Tech


Lionel Legros (APAC Director) from OVHCloud talks about the geographical differences in cloud infrastructure across the ASEAN region, as well as the opportunities and challenges those differences represent for OVH as they expands their business into Asia.


Data delivers a lot of business-impact, but it comes with the often invisible cost of a large carbon footprint. Cooling data-centers is a large contributor to that footprint. That's why cooling data-centers is an energy efficiently manner is high on the agenda of many governments. Ramanathan Arumugasamy from SMARDT Chillers, the world's most efficient way to cool data centers, shares his insights on these topics.


Martijn Douwen and Paras Chandna from Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) talk about lighting infrastructure as a data-platform driving the IoT revolution, powering experiences and delivering business impact.


Amy Zobec (Senior Entreprise Sales) and Laura Tisot (Merchant Success Manager) from Shopify Plus share their insights on scaling merchants to a global level, and discuss the challenges that scaling brings with it in the ASEAN region.


Data is everywhere and can have enormous business impact. Companies that become data driven can not only drastically reduce decision cycles, but also significantly increase revenue. It's no wonder that companies are scurrying to become data-driven. But with tech data being scarce, where can one find people to power the data revolution? Arnaud Le Callonnec (VP Regional Business Development at Meiro) and Jana Marle-Zizkova (Co-Founder Meiro and She Loves Data) share their insights.


Torquill Pagdin (Director of Data Engineering at talks about the importance of leveraging data in providing a great customer experience and optimizing customer-repeat. We also discuss about the importance of diversity in data-engineering.


Eric Feddal (Executive Director Asia Pacific for Aerospace Defense & Security at Jane's by IHS Markit), talks about intelligence-as-a-service and the market-opportunity of the growing demand for counter-terrorism data.


Aaron Stewart (executive producer at BTCN Asia) talks about the importance of data in measuring and optimizing engagement around video content. We also discuss the importance of remaining nimble, and treating your business as a startup to remain competitive in the market.


Bill Odel (Chief Marketing Officer) and Aveekshith Bushan (Regional Director APAC) from Aerospike talk about the importance, and difficulty, of robustly leveraging big-data on a global scale, in real-time.


Charles Kremer (Managing Director of Blokchain Xdev) talks about helping companies understand blockchain technologies and its applications, as well as doing end-to-end implementation of blockchain projects. We also discuss the challenges and opportunities of expanding from Europe into the ASEAN market.


Fabien Tertois (Head of Innovation at Bolloré Logistics) discusses the transformation of the logistics market into a data-driven industry.


Christopher Skene (Head of Business Development APAC at Platform SH) talks about the importance of building a comprehensive offer across the different ASEAN markets. We also discuss the advantages and challenges of 100% remote companies, especially in a time where tech talent is scarce.


Christophe Randy (VP of Sales and Marketing APAC at Linkfluence) shares his insights on enabling brands and companies to leverage real-time social media data to take more insight-driven business decisions.


Tomer Imber (APAC Managing Director at Optimove) shares his insights on the importance of customer engagements for brands, and on how data can be leveraged to increase customer life-time value. We also discuss the massive e-commerce opportunities in ASEAN.


Tom Collin (Founder of HoloTracker) talks about the difference between deep-skills and shallow-skills and explains why the former are essential for the 21st century. He also shares how his company HoloTracker helps educators to broaden students' skill-sets and develop deep-skils by quantifying observable behaviors.


Floyd DCosta (Co-Founder at Block Armour) talks about the importance of emerging technology in the cybersecurity arms race. He shares insights into the use of blockchain for cybersecurity, as well as some of the massive opportunities and security-challenges related to the Internet of Things.


Quinn Pham (Director of Consulting and Client Solutions at Meiro) and Nelya Shakirova (Data Engineer at Meiro), speak about their "second job": volunteering at She Loves Data, a social enterprise that helps women build up skills, enabling them to transition to data-related careers.


Alex Hoehl, Senior Director for Business Development APAC for Denodo, talks about the massive opportunity for data virtualization in Southeast Asia, and highlights some of the trends of the industry today.


Julien Condamines, founder of Co-Creation Lab, talks about putting your user in the very center of your problem-solving equation as a means to solve complex, sometimes even seemingly insurmountable problems.


Clara Chua (People & Culture Consultant at Circles.Life) and Ling Yi Chang (AI specialist at Microsoft) discuss the great value of the humanities and other non-technical backgrounds for data-science, and why diversity is essential when it comes to building non-biased data sets for Artificial Intelligence and Data-Science.


Ben Moreau leads Experian's APAC Innovation Hub, working to set up Experian for the future and infusing the company with a culture to think differently. Ben shares insights into innovative ways to leverage data for credit scoring in Southeast Asia and discusses the challenge of building solutions that scale across the regions' markets and customer segments.


We sit down with Sabrina Ooi (Custom Success Manager APAC) and Lalloz Simon (Marketing Manager) of AB Tasty, to talk about the massive opportunities in Southeast Asia for optimizing conversation rates.


Shawn Rogers is Senior Director of Analytic Strategy at TIBCO. He shares insights on how data analytics has shifted focus from the "how" to the "why", and on the importance of data at the speed of business!


Shafiq Rab is the SVP and CIO of the Rush University System for Health, and chairman of the board at CHIME (College of Healthcare Information Management Executives). He shares some of his insights into how data can positively transform healthcare and, ultimately, help us become better human beings.

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  • Western Digital has been exhibiting Cloud Expo Asia and Data Centre World for a few years now and have always seen great success at the shows. Western Digital has an extensive storage solutions portfolio and with this bring the largest scale cloud & data centre exhibition in Singapore and ASEAN, it is important for us to have a presence here. With the Significant representation of overseas delegates other than Singapore-based delegates, this allows us to reach out a mass group audience in one location.
    APeC Channel Marketing, Western Digital
  • We’ve met a good mix of new prospects and existing customers over the two days. There were many relevant questions posed by the delegates, attesting to the immense interest the show has generated for us leading up to the show.
    Marketing – South East Asia and India, Splunk
  • Through Cloud Expo Asia, we get new prospects, lead generation and a lot of brand exposure. Across these two days, it’s been very exciting and we’re already looking forward to next year!
    Marketing Manager, Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd
  • Conferences like these at Cloud Expo Asia are always exciting because not only we have a chance to hear about the latest best practices and developments, and also reconnect with peers, clients and partners. I would love to be back at Cloud Expo Asia again!
    Director, Fintech & Crypto, PwC Singapore
  • As the COO in one of the biggest insurance companies in Japan, I’ve arranged my team to take turn to come visit across these two days to get the latest industry knowledge. Because of my role, I am particularly interested in the risk management and security sessions. What we’re appreciated the most is that we can source a variety of content at one place, including solution providers, end-users and those institutions [IASA, ISC2 etc.]. It is very comprehensive.
    COO, Tokio Marine Insurance Group
  • I’ve never visited an event of such massive scale featuring some of the most amazing brands and speakers here. I learnt a lot from attending the sessions like blockchain, digitisation, logistics and customer experience. I am very impressed with the breadth of the topics covered all under one roof over two days. I’ve also met many new suppliers I’ve never knew before and got to establish contact with them now. Coming to this event has given me so much value.
    Founder, All about Supply Chain