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Powering DataOps with Automation

26 January 2022 00:00:00

In this age of data abundance, enterprises often struggle with collaborative analytics across functions, and to deliver business-ready insights for different stakeholders. Moving beyond traditional data and analytics approaches, honing a high-performing DataOps practice can effectively empower data-driven decisions through streamlined workflows. This value can be accelerated with intelligent automation.

In this Virtual Fireside Chat, hear from the experts on how you can better equip your data teams and other users to make the most of your data assets.



  • Relevance & importance of DataOps in Industry 4.0
  • Collaboration & automation as pillars supporting the success of DataOps
  • DataOps Use Cases: What does a DataOps organization look like
  • ROIs from adopting DataOps combined with automation, & getting your management buy-in
  • David R. Hardoon, Managing Director, Aboitiz Data Innovation, Chief Data and Innovation Officer, UnionBank of the Philippines
  • Guy Eden, AVP, Product Management, BMC Software
  • Juan Kanggrawan, Head of Data Analytics, Jakarta Smart City
  • Ronald Chung, Managing Director, PwC Singapore
  • Harwinder Rekhi, Executive Director, UOB

Digital Workflows for the Hybrid Enterprise

18 November 2021 00:00:00

In a highly digitised world, modernising and scaling your digital workflows should be a critical part of your business strategy. Is your organisation well-equipped to create its most cost effective and efficient processes? Discover the latest tools and tips for managing your hybrid and distributed teams from our expert panel in this Virtual Fireside Chat.



  • What is the role of digital workflows as a driver of growth and competitive advantage?
  • Challenges & opportunities of workflow automation
  • How can you foster a culture within the organisation that invests deeply in digitalisation?


  • Chandra Sinnathamby, Head of Adobe Document Cloud - Asia-Pacific, Adobe
  • Carolyn Goh, Director of IT, Singapore Medical Group Limited
  • Geetha Gopal, Head of Infrastructure Projects Delivery and Digital Transformation, Panasonic Asia Pacific
  • CK Vishwakarma, Founder & CEO, AllThingsConnected; IOTSG

Nurturing a Silo-less DevOps Culture in Financial Services

10 March 2021 00:00:00

Discussion Points:
  1. Introduction to National Australia Bank's Technology and DevOps team
  2. What is your experience in starting transformation in a traditional bank?
  3. Pitfalls encountered in the transformation journey?
  4. How do you address silos?
  5. What are specific FSI challenges?


  • Brendan O’Leary, Senior Developer Evangelist, GitLab
  • Yuri Belenky, Head of Technology, App & Cloud Platform, NAB Engineering Foundation

The new ‘Digitally Conscious Customer’: Adapting your payments strategy to growing online demand.

03 December 2020 00:00:00

The pandemic has had great influence on the customer buying patterns and how they interact online. From customer engagement through to accepting new & varied forms of payments merchants have had to rapidly adapt to embrace new buying behaviours.

Our panellists will discuss the ways in which customers are now interacting with merchants online & the new rules of engagement that merchants will now need to embrace to remain relevant.

The panel will also educate merchants as to how they can accept more revenue, become more effective and efficient, and improve their customer experience.


  • Ashley Paulus, Senior Customer Success Manager,
  • Zain Suharwardy, Head of eCommerce, Singapore Post
  • Atul Shivnani, Head of eCommerce & Digital, The Body Shop



  • Xiaofeng Wang, Senior Analyst, Forrester

Do It Yourself or Managed SD-WAN? How to Manage Your Network in the Hybrid WAN Era

18 November 2020 00:00:00

In the digital network age there are an increasing array of options for how much direct control the network team can have over the WAN. But how do you decide what is optimal and what is excess?

At the end, WAN managers need to decide what they want to directly monitor, what policies to have in place and how to apply them, and what happens during a service issue or security problem.

Join this panel as Enterprise IT leaders share their experiences and insights through their own global roll-out of SD-WAN solution.


  • Chris Rezentes, Director, Product Management (Network), Asia Pacific, Lumen
  • Anil Sharma, Chief Technology Officer Lead, AMENA, PepsiCo Inc
  • Abhijit Chakravarty, Vice President - Infrastructure Services, Axis Bank


  • Nishchal Khorana, Senior Director, ICT, Frost & Sullivan

A Tidal Wave of Digital Transformation:Evaluating the Data Centre and Network Infrastructure Landscape in 2020

26 November 2020 00:00:00

COVID-19 has accelerated the need for network, cloud, and data centre services. There has been a monumental shift in the demand curve for bandwidth-intensive network services and applications. At the heart of this digital transformation is the data centre, with service demand increasing in parallel with other technologies and applications. With all the pressure to innovate and digitally transform from businesses, what do you do when your data centre struggles to keep up.

There is an increasing amount of high-performance computing and big data workloads. With this massive growth in data, and this all needs to be stored somewhere. So, data centre storage capacity will need to expand significantly over time. Hyperconverged systems, hybrid storage environments, edge storage applications will increase significantly. Faster storage requires faster networks.

This one-hour panel will discuss the seismic industry shifts taking place during 2020, leaders across the data centre and network infrastructure sector will discuss this new accelerated era beyond 2020 as we sit at the intersection of evolving technologies and new revenue streams for data centre operators.


- AJ Casamento, Global Solutioneer, Broadcom-Brocade Storage Networking BU
- Simon Lockington, Senior Director, Global Solution Architecture - Asia-Pacific, Equinix
- Jeff Barber, VP, WW Storage Infrastructure Solutions
- Simon Lewry, Head of Services, Asia, Telstra Purple


- Glen Duncan, Associate Research Director, IDC

Navigating the Intersection of DevOps and Security with DevSecOps

14 October 2020 00:00:00

In today’s environment of rapid development cycles and quick releases, security cannot be an afterthought; rather, it must be an integral part of every step of the DevOps process.

But finding the delicate balance between speed and security can be challenging & achieving true security/development integration is easier said than done

Effective DevOps security requires more than just new tools—it also builds on the cultural changes of DevOps to integrate the work of security teams, and adopts practices that unite application development, IT operations, QA testing, and security teams under a common DevSecOps rubric.

- Anthony McMahon, Regional Director, Asia Pacific & Japan, GitLab
- Ion Mudreac, Director, DevOps & Cloud Deployment, SingTel
- Andrew Mulligan, Head of DevOps, Open Banking, Microservices and Agile, United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB)


Moderated by:

- Helen Beal, DevOps and Ways of Working coach, Chief Ambassador, DevOps Institute

A Human-First Approach to DevOps Transformation & Automation

30 September 2020 00:00:00

DevOps is fast becoming a vital part of many company cultures. Organizations across the globe are looking to embrace DevOps in order to improve deployment frequency, reduce failure rates, and accelerate time-to-market. But most companies are simply not culturally prepared for that kind of sweeping change.

Implementing DevOps in your organization isn’t as simple as buying a tool and mandating that everyone use it. DevOps is more than a job title or even a team of resources; it is a culture of constant innovation. A journey that requires continuous, incremental improvement.

Successful DevOps transformation requires the collaboration of people, convergence of processes, and effective utilization of tools/technology. And while tools and processes can be easy enough to address, the people part of the equation can be much more difficult to tackle.
- Andrew Clay Shafer, VP, Transformation, Red Hat
- Rajesh Nandakumar, Head of Information Technology, Westpac Institutional Bank
- Paul Whiten, DevOps Business Development Manager, Red Hat

Moderated by: Eveline Oehrlich, Chief Research Director, DevOps Institute

Cloud Mobility: Considerations to Drive Flexible Hybrid Cloud Acceleration

17 September 2020 00:00:00

Whether you’re just beginning or far along your hybrid cloud journey, you know it can be a powerful extension for your data center and application strategy. However, the cost and risk of migration, protection, storage, and even consistent licensing across clouds can ramp up if you don’t have the right solution.


  • Beni Sia, Vice President, South East Asia & Korea, Veeam
  • Anthony Hodge, Head, Cloud Governance, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Bojan Obradovic, Head of Cloud Services, Asia Pacific, HSBC

Moderated by:  Fred Giron, VP, Research Director, Forrester

Bridging the Digital Divide: Where do edge data centres fit in a hyperscale world?

5 August 2020 

Cloud Expo Asia and Data Centre World Asia invites you to join us for an Executive Virtual Fireside Chat hosted by May-Ann Lim (Executive Director, Asia Cloud Computing Association) on bridging the digital divide. How can the data center industry most efficiently serve major metros while also serving rural communities? The panel will discuss edge to hyperscale and everything in between.

Join industry heavyweights as they discuss the role of various cloud deployments and how they will shape the data centre landscape moving into the future.


  • Chris Thorpe – CEO & Founder, Leading Edge Data Centres
  • Darren Hawkins – CEO & Founder, SpaceDC
  • Braham Singh – CEO, BDx
  • Moderator by: May-Ann Lim, Executive Director, Asia Cloud Computing Association

The WFH Revolution: Using Cloud-based Work Tools to Support a Productive & Collaborative Remote Workforce

22 July 2020 00:00:00

With pervasive work-from-home arrangements now becoming the norm, cloud-based work tools are no longer a nice to have, but rather have become a necessity in the current climate. Organisations have been forced to transform the way they work and enterprises across the globe are exploring the best solutions to enable their remote workforces.

Join industry experts from Citrix, AXA, & HubSpot as they explore the key challenges that come with the rapid adoption and deployment of cloud-based work tools, what this means for I.T. teams and the teams they support, and the exciting opportunities that this creates for today’s modern workforce.


  • Achim Granzen, Principal Analyst, CIO & Emerging Technologies, Forrester
  • Shahid Nizami, Managing Director APAC, HubSpot
  • Tomasz Kurczyk, Chief Transformation & Digital Officer, AXA Singapore
  • Sandeep Pal, Regional VP, Marketing, Citrix


09 July 2020 00:00:00

We are excited to announce the first of Cyber Security World Asia’s Virtual Executive Fireside Chat. Joining us are four IT Security leaders sharing their insight on the Cybersecurity landscape during the Covid19 pandemic with the sudden bloom of digital transformation. We aim to discuss the challenges that come with go digital, new directions of IT systems investment, as well as prediction of post-COVID-19 security risk management.


  • Md Noordin, Global CISO, Circle.Life
  • Murari Kalyanaramani, Executive Director, Cyber Security Services, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Ian Loe, Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, Architecture & Core Products Development, NTUC Enterprise Co-operative Limited
  • Daryl Pereira, Partner, Head of Cyber Security, KPMG
  • Moderator by: Aloysius Cheang, Member, Board of Directors, ISC2

Forging a path forward: What is driving the explosive cloud and data centre demand in APAC’s​ emerging markets

08 July 2020 00:00:00

The demand for cloud-based services in emerging markets is booming. With growing populations gaining access to high speed internet, more and more individuals in these markets are consuming cloud services. The individuals are taking advantage of innovations in E-commerce, online gaming, and cloud-based work tools. These consumers demand super-fast speed and zero latency.


  • Sunil Gupta, Managing Partner & CEO, Yotta Infrastructure
  • Clement Goh, Chief Executive Officer, Southeast Asia, STT GDC
  • Dana Adams, Chief Operating Officer, AirTrunk
  • Moderator by: May-Ann Lim, Executive Director, Asia Cloud Computing Association

The Cloud Comms Evolution: Why the ‘Bundled’ Approach Has Had Its Day

07 July 2020 00:00:00

Businesses are moving their infrastructure to the cloud at breakneck speed whether they want to or not – and communication infrastructure is no exception. But just as enterprises evolve, so does the communications industry. Plug-and-play, off-the-shelf solutions have had their day, and Voxbone’s Technical Design Authority Mehmet Hussein is here to explain why.
  • How Digital Transformation is forcing companies to the cloud
  • The Evolution of Communications and how the current climate has affected the industry
  • Why the traditional cloud comms model isn’t fit for the future
  • Details on the growing cloud comms modularization trend
  • The benefits of unbundling your comms stack and what it means for your organization
  • What communications platforms are setting the trend to help you transform

The Evolution of DevOps in the 'Next Normal'

23 June 2020 00:00:00

The DevOps Live Virtual Fireside Chat will explore the state of DevOps in the current climate, which has created even greater communication barriers with the friction of work handoffs being further compounded by distance. Hear from our expert panel as they share their insights around the evolution of DevOps in the ‘Next Normal.’


  • Nachu Subramanian, Head of DevOps Engineering Center of Excellence, OCBC Bank
  • Xavier Bruhiere, VP Data Engineering, Lazada
  • Sylvain Bougerel, Senior Manager, Engineering, Grab
  • Anthony McMahon, Regional Director, Asia Pacific & Japan, GitLab
  • Moderated by: Dheeraj Nayal, Global Ambassador and Regional Head, APJ & MEA, DevOps Institute

COVID-19 as an Accelerator for Digital Transformation & the Great Leap Towards a Digital Future

10 June 2020 

COVID-19 has created a surge in the demand for cloud-based business tools, entertainment on demand and video communication. Join industry heavyweights as they discuss the implications of these changes and how they will impact the data centre and cloud industry in the APAC region as we transition to a ‘new normal.’ 


  • Jeremy Deutsch, President, Asia-Pacific, Equinix
  • Omer Wilson, Vice President of Marketing, Digital Realty APAC
  • Jonathan King, Group Chief Operating Officer & Head of Investments, ST Telemedia Global Data Centres
  • Moderated by: May-Ann Lim, Executive Director, Asia Cloud Computing Association


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